Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Iain Dale: Libdemologists in Poll Fraud Hypocrisy

Good to see a flurry of posts from Iain Dale late evening after an unexpected 24 hours of silence. Since he revealed his diagnosis with Type 2 Diabetes, which created a treasure house of advice, reassurance and goodwill for anyone facing such a diagnosis, any absence of activity is more noticeable. Best wishes Iain.

This morning normal service is resumed with a juxtaposition of some "holier than thou" Lib Dem Voice crowing with the realities of a Lib Dem on the ground (and in the courts) in Birmingham.

Iain is perhaps a bit quick to agree with LDV that this is a problem of Labour's making. Such shenanigans were of course a feature of British political life long before there even was a Labour Party.

And to bring things right up to date Lib Dem Chris Davies MEP tried to smear his erstwhile colleague Sajjad Karim MEP, the latest Tory MEP and very pleased to be listed as such for 2009, with allegations of underhand tactics in the LD selection.

Pretty rich given that the upsurge in LD fortunes in 2004 was largely fuelled by a communalist campaign by Davies and company, exploiting Karim to the max.


Bob Piper said...

If you scroll down the Birmingham ost story though Chris, you will see our blogging expert has just managed to cut the story a bit short.

Details on my blog.

Bob Piper said...

... or even the Birmingham Post...

Anonymous said...

Labour councillors would never do such a thing would they?

Anonymous said...

Could you give us more details please Chris?