Monday, January 07, 2008

Libdemologist Home Truth: "It isn't as if we do any work!"

Katherine Bergin's Whip in today's Sun told a few good tales. Including one about two Lib Dem staffers considering their future roles under the famous fire starter Nick Clegg.

"It doesn't matter what job we get, it's all about the title. It isn't as if we get paid proper money or do any work."

Similar to Manchester's Lib Dem councillors, though they do pocket £15,000 for their "efforts". Still, how much better to be Group Leader for the Tories than to be one of Simon Ashley's whipping boys?


Anonymous said...

You would have thought with all the time LibDem staffers have on their hands that at least one of them could write a readable and interesting LibDem blog. Or something.

Chris Paul said...