Monday, January 28, 2008

More on Con-Way: Con-servative, Con-Man, Convict?

Seems to me Tory MP and ex-Minister, ex-Whip Derek Conway was lucky to get away with his moonlighting but should be getting jail, a full refund plus interest, a humungous fine, loss of his seat through the jail sentence, and eternal shame.

Instead he is getting ten days gardening leave and getting let off more than two-thirds of what he has stolen. Unity expounds his sins, hat tip Bob Piper, and GuF is calling for Conway's head just as he did with Osborne's money laundering.

Stealing £45,000 or so is obviously far worse than late reporting of a donation or 17. Conway is the one who should face a police enquiry. Will GuF admit that?


fairdealphil said...

Chris: shameful behaviour isn't it...but if you thought yesterday's story was shocking -

wait til you see today's instalment, courtesy of our friends at the Daily Mail, no less....

Will Mr CONway have to extend his holiday from the House of Commons...?

Will David Cameron be forced to remove the whip now...?

Anonymous said...

You may not have seen the Evening Standard yesterday in London but Boris is being reported for not declaring donations, a la Osborne. Obviously this was carried quite small in the Standard, as they're Boris's cheerleader in chief.

Chris Paul said...

Oliver Marre at The Observer Pendennis led on this on Sunday. I'm still wondering about Lego-gate myself.

I had a root around in the CCHQ entries at the EC last night and the Osborne thing is much bigger than the Tories are making out.

Osborne is not at all connected in the register with these donors - many with clear vested interests in his decisions if he were ever Chancellor.

So it is the EC and the RMI where his receiving these funds is not recorded as far as I can see.

Didn't find the Boris Mayoral or indeed the Hain stuff on there ...