Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bashing the Bishop?: Sunny Bashes BBC Instead

Sunny at Pickled Politics is peeved at BBC Coverage of the Arch Bish Mish on Sharia. He's right. They fell for it all hook line and sinker. One of the dangers of 24/7 news and evolving stories. Sometimes they edit the idiocy out as things settle down. On this one they went with the flow and showed little if any sign of having read the speech.

Not sure what Sunny would make of the coverage at Ummah Pulse. The ABC is seen as in cahoots with various liberal reformists UP don't much like. Interesting post. Interesting comments.


tory boys never grow up said...

I've just posted the following on Iain Dale's blog - looks like he is trying to follow GuF into the sewer. If I were Ed Vaizey I might be wanting to remove Dale from the candidates list!

And still he is silent on the use of Mitchell/Herbert as fronts for donations to David Davis.

"'ve just read Ed Vaizey's article both on and off line - and I cannot see where he calls the Green Paper "Stalinist" - in fact he criticises it for having little substantive content (not a well know feature of Stalinist cultural policy) and also make the point that it isn't a Green Paper.

You then just compound the problem by using the Hitlerite "Kulturkampf" in the title. Don't you possibly think that what you are doing might just be slightly libellous

The fact that you can use such comparisions to Stalin and Hitler really just demonstrates your near to total ignorance of what those individuals were responsible for. Can I suggest you go on a sabbatical to read some modern history so you can begin to fathom your own terms of abuse and perhaps come up with some more sensible ones in the mean time.

As for your comments on culture probably the less said the better.

Anonymous said...


Someone else who has recognised the errors of the unquestionably perfect BBC.

'Tis a shame to see that they stuck with the notion that Williams wants Sharia Law implemented.

jailhouselawyer said...

tory boys never grow up: Try reading the Simon Heffer article and you will find your missing Stalinist. It is not unusual for Iain Dale to get things wrong.