Friday, February 15, 2008

BREAKING: Ken Agrees to Jasper Gardening Leave

Ken Livingstone has suspended his Senior Race Advisor Lee Jasper at the embattled battler's own request. So that he can clear his name. Silly Man Gilligan will be dancing in the streets. One less watermelon smile on the block, eh Boris?

Meanwhile the eminent psychiatrist Iain Dale throws around mental diagnoses like confetti. Seems he's backing the sleazy serial adulterer, foot in mouth specialist, fibber, and aider and abetter of the criminalist toff Guppy for the Mayor's job.

This is because allegedly Boris unites people. Presumably in uncontrollable laughter at the decision of Dave and George to stick up a buffoon to run the second greatest city in the world.

UPDATE: Sunday 10:55 am, Have corrected the Dale link, sorry. There is a new spoof site also here.


Chris Paul said...

Compass become astroturfing spammers? Oh dear.

jailhouselawyer said...

I think Iain Dale went to the Shane Greer school of psychiatry, this notable armchair quack diagnosed Tim Ireland as being mentally unbalanced.

Chris Paul said...

Interesting thing was Boris was *complaining* vehemently that Ken had called the police in and that Jasper was going to clear his name. Apparently this was a wretched electoral tactic. Bit like the Tories telling Boris to go and hide in his constituency really. Though Boris is the one with the dodgy record of aiding and abetting violent criminals.

For the past couple of months Boris' lapdog Silliman has been calling for J to be sacked (and vice versa). Now he's suspended they say that is a ruse. Pah! Pathetic!