Sunday, February 03, 2008

Desperate Tories: Trying to Bury Conway News?

At last a story from a Tory about goings on in a prison cell near you. But alas not from Iain Dale's bessie Derek Conway who is going out of way to state that he doesn't think he "ripped anyone off" by passing loads of money to relatives and their mates while getting no work back.

Instead Iain Dale has his M & S XXLs in a twist over the bugging of Shafiq Khan MP. This occurred allegedly during a routine prison visit to a constituent who happens to be a USA target for extradition to face terror charges.

Confident Mr Dale claims there can only be four explanations and asks "which is it?" Mathematics and logic are not his best subjects however. Before any comments were published I came up with:

5. It was not authorised by the head of MI5 OR by a politician
6. The bugging was not carried out by a UK agency
7. It did not happen

Other comments have added still more possibilities. Including the fact that the bugging of the alleged other gentleman on the tape was authorised but the possibility of a prison visit from an MP was not factored in or not excluded.

What I have learnt from Iain Dale today: When you state that there are only X possibilities you'd better be very sure about that.

The story goes that David Davis somehow found out about this - he was keen to point out this was NOT from the horses mouth - and that he sent a warning letter to Number 10.

I'll need to check the letter text - but isn't it the case that Tories were spinning a letter which said something quite specific, that the letter Davis released was actually quite generic, and that Number 10 said they hadn't had a letter saying the specific thing?

UPDATE: The letter did not specify that a Labour MP was involved. Given the source that was not the first thing anyone who received such a letter would think of. Why would David Davis "send" a riddle to Gordon Brown? Because he's a complete "Mulholland" perhaps? Another mate of Conway. Text: Telegraph.

If a letter was this important one would want proof of posting or other dispatch and some form of a receipt for safe passage. Wouldn't you? Presumably Davis has that? Or did he follow the Duncan Borrowman example and use a second class stamp from a local post box?


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Newmania said...

Well thats sweet. i don1t get you the rubbuish collections have been axed have they not , mine certainly has been both at my new snd old home ?

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was your No.5 and Dale/Davis were up to their usual muck-raking.