Thursday, February 07, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Spring Chicken Plus Over Ready Turkey?

McCain's now the shoo-in oven ready turkey for the Republicans. But who should be his running mate? Iain Dale wonders aloud about McCain's 96-year-old mum (joke) but doesn't seem to have a clue where Magoo needs to look. Not Romney, not Huckerbee, not Quayle.

There was a good interview with Republican and Democratic pundits on BBC last night. The former suggesting McCain will do well to sign up a young charismatic running mate to counter any Obama effect and/or milk the new young enthusiasm for politics. The latter - a Clinton adviser - expected his woman to win through clearly on the super delegates if nothing else.

[Speculation]Here's a thought. Would a young-ish charismatic-ish black woman be just the ticket to counter either Clinton or Obama or both? Wonder what Condi has planned for the fall? Remember, you read it here first.[/Speculation]

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