Saturday, February 02, 2008

Horse Play: "Beware of ..." Signs on the Way Out?

Yesterday we took our dogs on a bracing walk in the Peak, along the Roaches. Snow, hail, wind, mud, wetness and towards the end of the six miles just a little winter sun. All the dogs, born to hunt, ran around "off piste" and picked up some gritty grazes.

But Jim excelled himself getting a gash to the bone from an arsey horse.

Usefully at the exit end to the field in question - crossed by a public footpath - there was an exhortation to keep dogs on leads and not to feed the horses. Clearly the former to save the dogs from vicious equines. Two tiny hairy ponies and a big black horse looked on sympathetically as the chestnut mare did her nowty thing.

Jim had to have a general anaesthetic and some serious stitches. We may also have to start saving up to have a troublesome "knocked up" toe removed.

The old "Beware of" sign spied on the way out of a field is a regular feature of country walking. Fortunately, where they say "Bull", they are not always accurate.

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