Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Labour Party: Barrister Volunteers for Money Job

Jack Dromey is a good fella. But I welcome a grassroots challenge for the job of Labour Party Treasurer from Barrister Mark McDonald. Although Mr Dromey could almost certainly marshal the votes to hold on he might see an opportunity to make a sharp exit. To Wolverhampton or wherever. He is probably planning that anyway. Depends whether the brothers and sisters want to hold on to the role.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support. I'm working on Mark's campaign and we are determined to give the grass roots a voice.

Anyone that would like to give an opinion or ask a question re connecting the party to its members, please leave a comment here and we will do our best to get involved in the conversation ASAP.

Anonymous said...

fancy ,i notice you put up an entry on this trivial nonsense but have said nothing about your partys plan to kick the unemployed out of council houses.
how long before someone in your party suggests putting something in the water supply that will stop chavs breeding!
nu labour? nu french aristocracy methinks

Chris Paul said...

Caroline Flint's plan is ridiculous. She has perhaps been set up. There you go. Blogging to order.

Having said that something must be done about the concentrations of deprivation and joblessness on council estates. Manchester is THE MOST IMPROVED authority - by miles - on turning things round. But is still just 4th from the bottom nationally and 2nd from bottom regionally and in GM.

But the Flint plan is ridiculous.