Sunday, February 17, 2008

Method to Madness: Tory Trot Cross Makes Sense

If revolting Tories are to "take to the streets" as suggested by one of GuF's commentators it does explain how the crossing of a revolutionary communist SWP Councillor to the Tories is so welcome in Tower Hamlets Conservative circles. The "webel" is Bengali too as it goes, so may know a thing or too about Sharia Law. Which is the basis of the ever so reliable Mail on Sunday story GuF takes so seriously.

Watch out for Tory Workers Party stalls on a high street near you, the launch of the new Tory Worker newspaper, and a proliferation of special interest groups such as Eats Shoots and Leaves-esque "Fighting Unions Campaign", plus "Toff War Against Terror" and "Conservatives against Climate Change" perhaps?

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jailhouselawyer said...

And what about Mr Dale's new magazine, surely it must be