Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mr Fawkes: Spintistics and Bushwhackanomics

Right wing blogger Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF had a go at Newsnight this morning for wonky economic statistics. But only yesterday GuF was reporting a repossessions surge in the UK. Thing is the rate of these in the UK has doubled since early 2005. But in the USA they have gone up by a humungous factor to 2 million, ours are at 27,000.

Our rate is proportionately one fourteenth of that under Bushwhackanomics. Tragic though repossession is for investors or residents the UK has gone from "not that many" to "a few more"? But GuF likes Bushian economics?

My oh my! Mr GuF has reminded us about Tory repossessions. And he's confirmed that, like Dubya, Tories in general and right wing GuFsters in particular stand for cutting tax on the rich and crucifying the poor.

Perhaps next time he'll compare with the peak repossessions rate of Tory times, which I can tell him was 333% of recent figures. Perhaps he can total the last ten years of Tories and compare that with the first ten of Labour? Perhaps he can consider how these days many of the repossessions are from unfortunate rentiers who get in too deep?

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