Thursday, February 21, 2008

Norman Baker MP: Dizzy Says £8,000, LOL Says £40,000

Dizzy wants to send Libdemologist conspiracy theorist and whacko Norman Baker (right) a bill for £8,000 in Parliamentary Questions as blatant research for his David Kelly book. This figure is based on the cost of answering such questions - all outside any portfolio he held or his constituency interest. There's also his time drafting 54 confounding questions, relevant staff time, office space and overheads. And all the rest of it.

Let's say it is three weeks' work. That is say £4,000 for starters, or with the expenses overhead of around 300% £16,000, and with the House of Commons overhead doubling the salary and costs -> £32,000. Plus Dizzy's £8,000 marginal cost. We must hope that no parliamentarian time or overhead was spent thunking up, typing, editing, touting and launching the book.
That would be in addition. Didn't he take a bit of a sabbatical? From holding any portfolio and blah de blah to write the thing, and to go out swivel-eyed into the media world bigging it up? Perhaps lying down in a darkened room would have been a better option.

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