Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brown Basher: "Wiseman" Makes Own Name Oxymoronic

Fabulous lefty strategist, self-serving egotist and PPC John Wiseman complains:

"Everyone seems depressed where I am standing for parliament".

Who can blame them John? Really! Who can blame them? Here the man blogs his "withdrawl" from the NEC election.

Watch that space for "withdrawl" from the next General Election? Meanwhile opposition bloggers are making a mountain out of a molehill.

POSTSCRIPT: Luke Akehurst sends the same message in the correct way. Look and learn John, look and learn.

POSTSCRIPT 2: Prague Tory, in comments, has told me off for moaning about Wiseman's spelling. And asked me to stick to the arguments. Which is pretty rich coming from he. The slagger offer to end all slagger offers.

ARGUMENTS: 1. Wiseman was wrong to try to chase off independent let elements from rejoining, even during John McDonnell's campaign which called for rejoiners.
2. Wiseman was wrong to stand for the NEC against the official left candidates, but right on his withdrawlwithdrawal from said contest.
3. Wiseman was of course right (to a point) on the 10p tax issue, but his way of expressing this was god awful.
4. Wiseman will be an excellent PPC and a brilliant MP if blessed with election but 123 above illustrate opportunities for improvement ahead of that eventuality.


Anonymous said...

Could John be persuaded to forsake depressing Cumbria and try his luck in our up coming by-election do you think?

susan press said...

Chris, you can be really nasty sometimes and this is a prime example.How dare you rubbish someone who is a decent socialist and trade unionist.OK, he makes the odd spelling mistake. At least his sentences aren't so convoluted that you can't understand what they are about.Labour HAS had it unless Brown changes course. Not rocket science.And it needs to be said or we really ARE doomed

John Wiseman said...

Chris wheres the problem, sometimes I think your on the left and then you have a go at your comrades. Please consider what you are saying or you will just end up isolating opinion.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Chris on this. Its not John's politics that is the problem. Its the way he does things.

Chris Paul said...

Absolutely anonymous. Thanks. I have no issue with applying pressure to Brown on this matter - though it is more than a year too late really - but it is the way you go about it.

Handing the opposition easy wins is not a part of grown up socialist politics. It was bad enough when the stop the labour party membership secretary published his meanderings.

Why would a PPC be so careless?

Susan: Yes, it needs to be said or we really are doomed. What John blogged was no help. Luke - who is not my natural ally politically and who often blogs unhelpfully about the left - has said the same kind of thing in a way that stands to work.

Anonymous said...

The next "Tom Watson".

Anonymous said...

I was once in the same toilet as John Wiseman.
He didn't wash his hands.

tory boys never grow up said...

I'm afraid we have got ourself in a total mess on this - and the real problem is there is an almost complete lack of constructive thinking as to how to remedy the situation.

The real problem arose a long time ago when the proposals were announced in Brown's last budget - and I suspect that most of our either MPs did not understand the impact of abolishing the 10p tax band then, or didn't want to do anything to delay the sucession from Blair to Brown. However, they sat on their hands and did nothing for well over a year until the tax rises were imminent. Where has Mr Wiseman been for all that period, why wasn't Susan Prime on the barricades over a year ago? Why have you waited for the last minute to make your complaints known - talk about playing into the hands of enemies.

As for the those who are now leaping in to use this as a stick with which to be beat our Labour Goverment (especially given their previous ignorance of all things related to taxation); all I can say is I prefer a government that takes five steps forward and one backwards, to the other type that you are helping to bring about. Yes the Tories will restore the 10p tax band - but what are they saying about working tax credits - may I suggest you look very closely.

Perhaps we should seek to apply our collective intelligence into a finding a way out of this mess. As a starter why not announce that the extra revenues from the recent fuel price rises (and not postponing the announced rise in fuel duty) - and perhaps some other savings will be used to finance a tax credit to those earning less than £18k. The last thing that is needed is outright reversal of the 10p band - as this will benefit everyone and will be expensive.

Chris Paul said...

Agree TBNGU, there was a good article (in the Telegraph??) from the IFS wallah which laid out some of the alternatives. I'll google it.

Praguetory said...

Debate the point but don't attack someone for spelling and grammer errors.

Praguetory said...

My take.