Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Statistical Anomaly: Dale Robbed As Car Crime Plummets

Or else, as Iain Dale prefers to tell it. Crime is rising horribly because his car has just been robbed. Rising from not a lot of robberies from his car last year, to one this year. Astronomical and unacceptable.

Saddest of all was the news that as well as an utterly unusable West Ham season ticket there were some utterly unusable tickets for Mama mia, the Fuckin' Musical - along with some high end laptop computers and creditable plastic.

Earlier I promised to post a couple of stories to cheer him up. Here's one.

Just a month or so ago Cllr Allen Brett, leader of Labour in Rochdale, and erstwhile Council Leader, whether in own right or with a few Tory hangers on, well, he too had his brand new car burglarised. At the Golf Club near his home in Oldham and Saddleworth East.

Passenger window smashed, car manuals and the like nicked. Allen was gutted, As Iain was, to be fair. But what was the worst thing from our robbing friends in the North? Allen's personal collection of CDs was rifled. But sadly despite this indignity not a single one of them was nicked.

Hearing this from the man himself I asked: "What were they then Allen?" With a hurt look he replied: "Oh you know, Abba, and stuff like that."

Which goes to show that car robbing scrotes in Rochdale have standards. While comrades in Bloomsbury Square are desperately and suspiciously uncool.

In fact the idea that they nicked a numbered West Ham season ticket AND four numbered tickets for Mama Fucking Mia tends to suggest ... da da daaa ... that they are yet another insurance job from a Tory Boy Blogger chancer. (Er, joke).


Anonymous said...

This is your attempt at humour, is it, you little scrote?

Pathetic! But what else could we expect from a non-entity that can't see that Brown is a dead man walking. Your little Labour rants will be worth nothing - starting on 1st May. Dig yourself out of that hole that you have dug for yourself.

Chris Paul said...

What are you on abaht "toilet chain"? Your post is off topic having no bearing on theft from cars or Abba.

Please buck up your ideas.

Anonymous said...

The PM is not a dead man walking he has escaped. ;

Anonymous said...

Hennigan's anonymous posts are getting more and more ridiculous Chris. Stick up one or both of those pics of him pissed off his face every day until he stops. Or call the police. They'll find him curled up in a drunken slumber at Rowen's office most evenings. He even answers the 'phone in the early hours: "MP's office?" he slurs whatever the hour.

Chris Paul said...

This is not a bad idea.