Thursday, May 15, 2008

Debunking Dorries: She Makes Own Bunk and Lies In It

Good headline don't you think? Sunny Hundal does for Dorries' Hoax Science, Unity at Ministry of Truth does for her bunked up statistical claims, her dark comedy routines, and her claims of intimidation. Oh yes, and her twaddle on the margin of error.

Can anyone tell me how Nadine Dorries ever came to become a PPC and an MP when eminently sane and honest and intelligent candidates such as her buddy Iain Dale were still available? Will Cameron now: (a) try to shut her up; (b) withdraw the whip when she refuses; (c) have her de-selected?


Mark Hanson said...

Its an interesting one to observe, especially in terms of what Sunny has been doing to organise on the blogosphere.

I've blogged about that point specifically

Unity said...

>>>Can anyone tell me how Nadine Dorries ever came to become a PPC and an MP

Yes, Private Eye

“Nadine Dorries, the new Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire, was parachuted into the constituency at the last minute by Conservative Central Office, just as she was parachuted into Hazel Grove (to the fury of local Tories) shortly before the 2001 election.

Why, we asked, is she always first choice for the parachute jump when Tory HQ in London decides to despatch its own candidate?……..

Nadine Dorries’s children were until recently classmates at Ampleforth College (one of the leading Catholic schools in the country, recently embarrassed by a sexually deviant teacher!) with the children of one Trish Morris. As fellow parents Trish and Nadine got to know each other rather well.

And who is Trish?

Under her more formal moniker of Baroness Morris, she is vice-chairman of the Conservative party in charge of candidate selection!

According to the Eye in 2005, t'was no more than having the right PTA tie.

Chris Paul said...

Well, at least she didn't get there by using her advanced nursely skills to perform behind-the-speakers-chair abortions with cocktail umbrellas for Tory gents - catholic and otherwise - whose sad mistresses couldn't use the NHS "on principle".

Anonymous said...

Can Dorries abort a couple by attending to a Tory MP behind the speaker's chair?

Chris Paul said...

For frightened Tory fornicators everywhere. I should apologise immediately for causing such alarm.

There is no way that even the scientifically and clinically very gifted Nurse Nadine can perform a behind-the-chair abortion, with a cocktail unmbrella or otherwise, on the "gent" involved.

There is no risk whatsoever to Tory gents genitals and lives from any reintroduction of back-chair abortions from Aunty Dorries.

Though if it was the gents that got pregnant this whole thing would have been boxed off decades ago.

Anonymous said...

How do I get my money back off that scheming cow then? She "aborted" me only the other day for £500. I didn't even realise I was pregnant. Thought it was just middle aged sag.

The "baby" just looked to me like an off white slurry of cells. Doubt it was very viable at all.

Anonymous said...

Of course it was viable (name redacted by blog libel team)! That's why Benny bans such procedures, except under close medical attention.

After 20 seconds of life outside "the man womb" I explained to you about the little tot you mentioned was quite capable of growing into a fully grown human.

This coincides with stacks and stacks of recent research and with my vast experience as an abortion nurse.

In fact I saw your baby breathing. Now there'll have to be a post-mortem and a funeral.