Thursday, May 01, 2008

EXCLUSIVE PIC: Identity Parade, Tory Hothead Retinue

Having lived in Chorlton and Whalley Range for 25 years or so it is hard work to assimilate the news about the Tory tie up with Hizb_ut-Tahrir activists and their seamless distribution of Tory and HuT literature, and allegedly of Tory and HuT threats to boot.

We have worked extremely hard at the Community Unity we have in these areas and in Whalley Range in both 2001 and 2003 I personally worked on a Labour party instigated bi-lingual community unity initiative tied in with a harrassment hotline.

While it would be true that the last of the Tory old guard in the area - the nasty Mr John Kershaw - did have a line in leather coated body guards canvassing with him as recently as 2001 we have never had any great problem with fascist incursions.

Here's one resident who has I believe made a formal complaint to both the police and Tory high ups:

I want to formally complain about Tory activists delivering to households Hiz But al-Tahrir leaflets on Monday 28 April bearing the strapline "there are calls to ban the Qu'ran" along with a Tory leaflet.
Ours is a very delicately balanced neighbourhood and this is stirring up racial division in order to capitalise Tory votes.
Hiz But al Tahris as you probably know has been under discussion for some time, as to whether it's banned for its activities in stimulating racial hatred.
It's sad that for long Manchester has defended its communities against white right wing groups inciting division, and it is now muslim and Tory collusion that have chosen to take the dreaded plunge in Whalley Range."

The above photograph - captioned "Fawad Hussain, out and about listening to the views of local people" is in fact alleged to include amongst the tasty line up some of the very hotheads and bullies who have been operating as described in our exclusive yesterday. Trying to rule the streets and seeking elected influence.

It has been copied from a Tory "in touch" newsletter. Strangely this does not cover the Caliphate, the Palestinian cause, Islamist supremacy, or an insight into HuT's non violence "for the time being". Instead it deals with recycling and a rather misrepresented congestion charge.

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