Sunday, May 18, 2008

Missions Accomplished: Great Manchester Run

Target time = sub 45 minutes. Actual time, at a canter, 44 minutes 47 seconds. First k 15 seconds outside schedule, next three 15 inside, next four spot on, ninth k must have been close to 5 minutes, last one again 15 inside.

And to think that in my prime I'd have been running 4:45 miles rather than kilometres and that even in my veteran years I have run fully nine minutes faster for this race.

The average of my first three runs in this particular race in 2003, 2004 and 2005 would have scooped my age group prize by well over a minute. So I'll be getting back to a more serious training regime. With less "strengthening" courtesy of Barbakan cakes and pastries.

Sir Richard Leese OBE fired the klaxon for the women's elite race and then jumped down and ran in the orange wave. Not sure as I tap whether he got inside his 50 minute target but let's hope so. Then despite fervent urgings of sabotage Mr Ottewell will owe him twice as much for the Christie. Richard's own account.

LEESE CHECK: Even better. Richard ran a full minute faster than I did. Impressive. Then again, unlike me, my spies tell me he has been training every day. Perhaps he'd like to contest the sharp end of the M50 category in 2009? Not to mentioning joining his local club? That would be Salford Harriers whose World HQ is at the Blue Bell on Moston Lane.

ABYU WATCHING: My club mate Tomas Abyu, recovering from the bronchitis that slowed his Olympic trial, was among the leading GB runners today. Around ten seconds slower than our one Olympic Marathon selection Dan Robinson. Seems to me it will be a disgrace if he is not offered a place on the team for Beijing. Tomas has run TWO MINUTES faster than Robinson for a full marathon while never benefiting from the financial or other support enjoyed by his rival. And last year he ran the fastest GB time for Half Marathon this decade, placing 4th in the great North Run.

How will the blazers at UKA look if he runs 2:08 to win at Berlin in the autumn when the Beijing Marathon in August is won in 2:11 with Robinson in 15th place in 2:17?

Results Search. Tomas is pictured with Dr Ron Hill MBE, multiple world record breaker and Marathon Champion.


Anonymous said...

Well done Chris.
My all time best is 42-42 so you are a class above - despite my particpiating in Manchester Grammar School's top cross country team with your club mate Gary Crowther.
My best as a vet is 54 something.
Though as a 17 year old I did the old Swinton 6 in 36 something.
We didn't have 10ks in those days.
I was watching yesterday but have the Great Wales 10k in July in my sites.

Chris Paul said...

I'll be back sub-40 later this year. Ran this one strictly to pace as an exercise. My best for 10k is 31:15 Cross Country (winning by 47 seconds, from Ron Hill as it goes) which equates to around 30 for road I suppose. I didn't ever run a 10k back then but once did 14:27 for three miles and bits, almost 5k. And I ran 33:30 in my late 30s.

Very impressed with Leese. He will no doubt go much faster if he wants to do so. We have a footballer at the club who has only been running a couple of years who is running 33s or so (M40) and another who has been running longer who won the M40 race yesterday by a long streak.

Gary Crowther is soliciting in Bristol and occasionally talks of comebacks but not quite persuaded him so far.

lorenzo23 said...

Well done Chris. I don't know how your knees take it at your age. Hope you are wearing decent trainers and not some cast offs from a charity shop.

Did you not get to shake hands with Denis Law at the start of the race?