Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nadine Dorries: Two Million Hail Marys For You Me Girl

Nadine Dorries has yet to blog about the great victory for science, common sense and humanity at Westminister these last couple of days. But the self appointed Princess of the Blogs, still without serviceable permalinks, protests: God Help Me!, denying she has any religious impetus in her crusade to restore ten thousand Vera Drakes to their place as vital cogs in society. Over to Nads:

Apparently now I'm a religious fundamentalist! Of all the arrows I've had slung at me since I picked up abortion, that has to be the most ridiculous.

To be or not to be? That very much is the question. But slings and arrows in a twist there Nads? But pray do explain, I know you want to.

Am I a Christian? Yes I am. Do I go to Church? Occasionally. Do I pray? Sometimes. Do I believe in God? Yes. Does this make me a freak? Well, if it does, we're a nation of freaks, that's all I can say.

Really? I don't suppose that many people asked in a political interview to name their hero ever say "Jesus" though. That's a bit freaky that is. Way way back in November 2005 that was.

Almost everyone I know believes in a God. It may not be the same God as mine, they may not go to the same Church as me, but they do believe in something.

If this is the case Nads you really do need to get out more. Widen your circle of friends. Stop talking to all those half-arsed academics and clinicians you seem to consort with.

My position on abortion is motivated by my experience as a nurse, witnessing late botched abortions.

How many student nurses of 19 get to witness, or in some versions of the tale take control of, an abortion or abortions, botched or otherwise?

And then go on to sell their business and become a Director of the "abortion industry" (sic) stalwart BUPA?

I will say this once again - I am not a religious fundamentalist !!!!

But at least you have a church to fall back on, and one that allows confession and absolution. You must be glad it's all over.

Get in that Confessional Nads, enjoy the Sacrament of Penance and get that lifetime of damnable fibs of yours off your chest.

You're a disgrace. Two million Hail Marys for you, me girl. There is also this non-denominational effort at which you may get off more lightly.


David Lindsay said...

Dorries isn't a Catholic. She's an occasional attendee at the C of E.

Chris Paul said...

Now ain't that amazing? Original Evertonian ... is that significant? Against all pot pourri?

Being nominal C of E doesn't stop her being dishonest of course.

Though confessional opportunities can be less frequent than under the one true faith so she should be evn more ashamed.

Obviously you can hate Catholics and also hate Abortion. I'll grant you that.

Chris Paul said...

PS At least one kid went to RC Public school Ampleforth and according to Private Eye this is how Dorries got to be PPC and MP. Perhaps she has signed up to the opposite of Emily's list to achieve this over promotion??

David Lindsay said...

Ampleforth is hardly typical of English Catholicism. There would be very few Catholics in somewhere like Mid-Bedforshire.

Having public school (and, of course, BUPA) connections can't have done her any harm, but that's a whole other issue.

And be fair, we're talking about the Tories here. They are openly run like that - that's what they're for, and why it's why the people who vote for them do so.

New Labour, on the other hand...

Chris Paul said...

... hav=s reached its nadir on the streest of Crewe