Sunday, May 18, 2008

Paul GuF Staines: From Our Court Correspondent

Tim Ireland has now blogged his observations from Paul GuF Staines' court appearance for drunken, uninsured driving leading to three months curfew, 18 months supervision, three months ban. We are struggling to believe his intake is a mere "four bottles a week". Tim was so shocked at the broken man he saw groveling before him, well mainly before the judge, only saving confiscation of his car by having it in Mrs GuF's name, that he is having a month off drink and also eschewing being out after 9pm too. This means he will not be joining Sunny Hundal (or Facebook hordes generally) on protest underground drinkers' Tube Crawls on the 31st May.


Letters From A Tory said...

He could always go along before 9pm, I suppose.

Chris Paul said...

True, but might be a bit hollow drinking some 7up??