Sunday, June 08, 2008

E 'Pass War' Cobblers MP: "Don't You Know Who I Am?"

Cllr Kerron Cross explained Parliamentary Pass Gate in some detail back on Monday 2 June 2008 - first day back after three years is up from issue for most holders - but missed how one particular MP put his exceptionally well heeled size tens in it. (Kerron also responsible for half image above).

Tribune Diary has the story:

HE MAY not be a real, blue-blooded toff but new Tory MP Edward Timpson certainly behaves like one. On the first sitting day since the Crewe and Nantwich by-election last Monday, Mr Timpson and a lackey barged to the front of a long queue of MPs and researchers waiting for new security passes. “This is urgent”, the loyal bagman cried. “This man is a new MP and needs his pass right away.”

Bagman? Butler? Batman? Robin? Fag? The newbie and his oafish manservant were shown up good style. [Hat tip (It's Not Unusual): Sadie Smith.]

This apparently riled some of the incumbents:

Meanwhile some MPs are threatening to bring the cobbler chain owner down a peg by depositing their old shoes under his coat hook in the members’ cloakroom for mending.

Which rather reminds me of Blue Peter Shoe Gate. More anon. Perhaps.


Anonymous said...

Better still - boycott all Timpsons shops - they're rubbish anyway.

Chris Paul said...

They're expensive. But they're getting towards a bit of a monopoly of the high street cobllers thing. In cahoots with Johnsons* the cleaners in some cases.

* NB Not Alan Johnson's family firm that.

Ted Foan said...

"Which rather reminds me of Blue Peter Shoe Gate. More anon....."

I'm still waiting for your so-called expose on the Flying Lion scandal that you promised to give us. I expect that Shoe-Gate will be another "non-scoop". You'll be getting a reputation for talking cobblers. Oh, but then again, you already have.