Friday, June 06, 2008

Feeding Frenzy: Spelman in Right Old Nanny State Gate

We were right about Guido being like a Rottie on speed. Now he's settling a score for someone over Tory Nanny-in-Chief Caroline Spelman by jumping on the Michael Crick/BBC exclusive. Which Scribo Ergo Sum says Sunny caught a whisper of). Spelman apparently used a supposed case worker/researcher to carry out tax free, tax-payer funded child care. At least between May 97 and 98.

This early doors Observer feature makes interesting reading:

Upbeat about the party's prospects now - she insists that they are at a 'tipping point', with faith in the Govern ment ebbing away - she is nevertheless honest about why thousands of women voters have deserted the Tories since 1997:
'Sleaze was a particular turn-off to female voters and I can quite understand that. They also, in 1997, felt that the Conservative Party was out of touch and arrogant.
'They did not flock back in 2001, but sleaze had dropped out of the reasons then and the question of being out of touch, or out of date, was still there - not being able to identify with "people like us".
With only 8 per cent of the party female, we had to do something about that.'

Naturally enough the nanny was mentioned - though not the funding. And so was the supposed "Nanny State":

With three young children, Spelman now copes with a nanny, plus 'a high level of organisation and give and take with your spouse', management consultant Mark. She often wonders how Margaret Thatcher did it. 'She got into Parliament when her twins were six months old. Can you imagine? But you never saw Margaret the mother. In those days it wasn't acceptable.'
Unsurprisingly, she is passionate about increasing childcare, but thinks the Government is overprescriptive, focusing on nursery places whose hours are often insufficient for working mothers: 'By the time you have got the pushchair through the door, dropped them off, wrenched yourself away, worried the whole day if they are traumatised by the experience and fortified yourself with a cup of coffee, it's time to go and get them.'

Same old Tories. All coming out in the wash now. And kudos to GuF for keeping on sleaze busting mission.

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