Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Paul Rowen MP: What Was Paul Rowen MP Asked?

We're hearing that the thrusting young Rochdale Liberal Democrat Mohammed Shafiq (right with Cyril Smith in 2005), best known as a regular TV and media pundit on behalf of the Ramadhan Foundation, is being deliberately held back by Paul Rowen MP and his henchman agent Dave Hennigan.

We're also hearing that a recent question from a local Lib Dem activist stunned the worst MP in Rochdale's history - that's Paul Rowen - into spluttering silence, if that's possible. A very direct and very difficult question no doubt. Just what was that question?

There's no love lost between Rowen, Hennigan and just about anyone else, in or outside the party. Rowen and his right-arm strong arm David Hennigan, the famous intoxicatee and office kipper, have for example persistently blocked Shafiq's political progress in the local Lib Dem party, along with many other young Asians, while protecting useless old blow-hards from de-selection.

In one ward selection they apparently ruled out five or six votes that would have seen one of those blowhards fall to an up-and-coming community activist and sub-Post Master on a quite spurious and deeply unfair basis.

While we're asking questions of the Rochdale Lib Dems - It Never Rains But It Pours - can Rowen, Hennigan or the Lib Dem group please explain:

1. Why did Cllr Barbara Todd (Lib Dem) get away with an apology rather than a sacking for balling out two councillor colleagues simply trying to exclude a rival councillor from a community meeting and making a snide public remark excluding him from having a quiet conversation speaking in any language other than English?

2. Why does Rochdale's worst ever MP persist in pretending he is Cyril Smith Mark II? Unlike the old pro-hanging, asbestos-share-owning, bare-buttock-slapping, advancing-the-cause-of-liberalism local hero, Mr Rowen is yet to make a single decent speech in parliament.

3. Why does the heroic Sir Cyril use a recent Rochdale Observer interview to slam the Lib Dem council repeatedly by implication over the dying Town Centre, the failing regeneration plans, the ridiculous private market fees and so on and so forth?

4. Why given their failures and shortages of funds are they now proposing to kick dozens of hard working Council Officers out of the grandest suite in the Town Hall, near the bar incidentally, chucking Rochdale people's money at it like it's going out of fashion, and claiming these rooms for their own preening palace?

5. Is it true that Sir Cyril had no truck whatsoever with Rowen and wanted AN Other as his successor? And who was that specially favoured young man?

And here's one for the Rochdale Observer:

6. Why are your pages not skewering Rowen and his chums on a daily basis? Could this be in any way related to the fact that Deputy Editor Chris Lloyd is brother-by-marriage to bullocking Rochdale councillor, Sheik's advisor and Oldham and Saddleworth PPC Elwyn Watkins?


Weight Loss Warrior said...
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Chris Paul said...

Thank you for your now deleted spam.

skipper said...

Thanks for reminding me that Sir Cyril is actually still alive; though I think I sxaw a picture of him tonight on the telly, celebrating his 80th birthday? He's done well for a fat lad one has to say. I thought obesity bumped you off in your fifties.
Odd how you assume certain people have fallen off the perch is it not? I was suprised yesterday to spot that good old Kenneth McKellar still lives and beats Cyril by a year to be 81! Hope for us all.

Chris Paul said...

Indeed Skipper, my gran is actually 102, so 80 isn't so old ... though Cyril's never looked a particularly healthy man. And was I believe very reluctant for any fuss to be made.

But Cyril's being 80 is no excuse for example for calling for the completely innocent Stephan Kisko to be hanged and persisting in supporting capital punishment to this day despite being so wrong on that, or for personally carrying out testicle weighing "cough cough" activity or bare buttock smacking of naked 18 year olds, as a firm supporter of corporal punishment and it seems other people's humilating nudity, or for denying Turner Asbestos were causing health problems and buying their shares ... he was booed in the house as his denials got more and more chronically stupid.

Hope I haven't spoiled the frantic Dave Hennigan's big drink by having him launch defamation action today? Or ruined the Henley by-election effort for the Lib Dems by distracting Hennigan from the true prize.

Hope all is well with you?