Saturday, August 02, 2008

Where is Nick Clogg?: He Has Been a Busy Boy

According to Lib Dem Voice Clogg's "been in the media a lot these last few days"., Building, and the Yorkshire Post that's where. Phew! What a scorching schedule!

They should have given the top propaganda job to that poor frustrated Rottie Hennigan. Or perhaps it's me not doing irony, again? Or Mark Pack creating a cover story in response to speculation about the whereabouts of Clogg for the Glasgow East by-election and then the Weston-Super-Mare blaze (above). With the victorian cactus house said to have been the epicentre.

UPDATE 23:58: I meant to say INCLUDING etc. I did not mean to say these were the only cuttings the almost invisible Clogg got. There were others. Western Mail, Sheffield Echo etc.


Anonymous said...

More misspeaking, Chris!

A quick look at the news coverage unearthed lots more Nick Clegg coverage than those you mentioned.

I had a quick look at some of the articles. Fascinating.

It reminded me - any more thoughts on that conundrum for Labour supporters in seats such as Hazel Grove? Millions are hanging on your every word (as always).

Chris Paul said...

Misspeaking? I simply list the three outlets that LDV's Mark Pack says constitute Clogg's being in the media a lot these last few days. It's his fanfare for the media savvy Clogg, not mine.

The Tory in Hazel Grove is a loser and no comment is needed on that one. The Tory in Eastbourne will win whatever I may say. Labour ought to make some progress there.

Noticing that you're still not giving your name. That's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Not only pathetic. But cannot read. We're not all like that, us anons.

Anonymous said...

I can not only read, I am also able to write in full sentences without my head imploding. You should try it sometime.

You have one good point, though. Why does Piss Crawl only castigate anons who criticise him?

Do you have any views on the following seats?

Dorset West; Newbury; Congleton; Watford; Guildford?

(more to follow)

Chris Paul said...

I'm not commenting on any more until you out yourself anon. And as you won't be bothered then I won't be bothered.

You still miss the point though. It was a Lib Dem bigging up his leader who claimed these mighty cuttings.

Anonymous said...

My point was that, when I checked, Pack was actually being modest on behalf of his leader. There has been much more coverage in the last 24 hours than he (or you) alluded to.

"The Tory in Eastbourne will win whatever I may say," was an earlier comment of yours.

I can omly assume this means that there are seats that do hinge on what you say (IYHO). Could you possibly supply us all with a list?

Chris Paul said...

Pack was trying his best to cover up for a very poor newsweek, newsfortnight, newsmonth, newsquarter for the boss. If you've found a few more media scrapings then bully for you.

Anonymous said...

I presume that's in contrast to the many acres of coverage that the Labour Party leader has had this week - 99% of it unwanted.

And the list of constituencies that do lie within your unearthly powers to influence ...?

Chris Paul said...

All news is good news they say. No news is the end of the line for any Lib Dem leader. It's been a while since the last knifing.

Don't have any influence in any of these constituencies, you utter wanker. Never said I did. It is you that suggested I recommend tactics to local people.

This is really low rate crap anon. Really low rate. Cowardly. Wankery.

Anonymous said...

Chris: yes, you are mis-speaking because I used the word "including".

Despite your comment to the contrary, I never claimed it was a full list of his coverage.

It'd have been wrong to say that anyway, because there's been other coverage in the last two days; I just selected highlights that might be of particular wider interest.

Anonymous said...

If you truly have no influence in any of these seats, then it really won't matter if you let us know what you would do in those circumstances, will it.

I'm afraid all this began with you pointing out that there were certain Tory MPs you wouldn't be sorry to see the back of (no euphimism intended). It was merely pointed out to you that some of these reperesented Conservative / Lib Dem marginals.

So, come on, just between us, what would you advise. Any constituency will do, you have a totally free choice.

As for no recent knifings, be patient - I'm sure there'll be a high profile one along soon.

I had to look up the word 'wankery' because it sounded as though it might be rude and that would be so unlike you. I found that it meant "when a guitarist/bassist makes excessive use of soloing and techniques such as shrills, taps, slaps & pops, slides, bends, sweeps and the like". I really don't know what you mean.

Chris Paul said...

I didn't say it was or was not a full list Mark. The point is that after weeks of fairly low profile punctuated by trying to outdo Cameron and then take on the reds to massive levels of disinterest these three highlights are not very high, now are they? Really Mark, are they?

And yes anon, you remind me of a bassie doing their worst. That's it.

I'm not planning to comment on any tactical voting conundrums. Particularly with no GE on the horizon. And I will only reconsider this firm position if you start signing your name on your comments.

Your trollery and wankery is wearing very thin.
[SEfx: Slow Hand Clap.]

Anonymous said...

And I will only reconsider my position if you start to demand full disclosure from all anonymous contributors and not just those that point you out for what you are.

Don't worry, we all know exactly why you won't comment on tactical voting - and you have the audacity to accuse others of cowardice.

Now "trollery", I'll have to look that up too. Is it one of those things in a restaurant that they wheel in the desserts?

Anonymous said...

More good press for Brown tonight on tonight's evening news, Chris - the headlines in fact.

It's hard to believe but three (yes, a whole three) Cabinet Ministers have come out in support of our great and glorious leader.

Imagine that. Three Labour Cabinet Ministers have all (totally independently) said that the best person to be Labour Prime Minister is the Labour Prime Minister.

It's a landslide!

There'll be dancing in the streets of Raith tonight!