Thursday, September 25, 2008

David Hennigan: Massive Splash in National Paper

ENNIGAN! Many congratulations to parliamentary professional - paid for by you the taxpayer - Dave Hennigan! This would be on his success in placing a story in today's Daily Express.

It's very small, and very crappy, but it is on page four. Not a big splash on the coveted "early right hand page". Or even on the web. More a space filling piddle in the gutter. But nonetheless! Dave mate. Well done. You are earning your parliamentary allowance mate. No doubt about it. Hats off!

This deeply wounding exclusive will surely turn the tide of sex sleaze, asbestos death and dirty carve ups currently afflicting Sir Cyril Smith's Rochdale Lib Dem Franchise. Current puppet the unsatisfactory Paul Rowen MP.

The story, as we reported here, involves an old Labour website, set up in such a way that any member of indeed ex-Member can alter the content, and subsequently hacked last weekend with a "disloyal" picture of Foreign Secretary David Miliband, ever popular with the socialists of the Lancashire valleys, being inserted to replace another of Gordon and Sarah Brown outside Number 10.

This hack was suspiciously immediately reported by those non-partisan news sniffers at Lib Dem Voice. They really should get Toxic Dave at arms length as soon as possible. Instead of doing his dirty work for him. But if they don't know this by now they will surely learn this by the end of this dirty old road to oblivion*.

Since the rather messy site was set up it had received around 60 hits in total. Which is the same as a good hour for this blog. This hit rate being achieved over a period of many months and years. Though most being a direct result of LOL posting a link this Wednesday. The site doesn't even have a link to Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for the seat for goodness sake! A veritable Marie Celeste of the web. No hands on deck as she drifts through a ghostly shroud of absence.

One expects Lib Dem Voice to be taken in by this nonsense. They would wouldn't they. And there's no surprise that Iain Dale should link to it in his Daley Dozen. But why on earth would the Express Newsdesk even give this non-story four lines? Oh yeah. That's right. They hate Gordon more even than Guido Fawkes does, which is quite a lot.

Meanwhile back in the wild North West, in Rochdale 30,000 glossy advertorial magazines have just hit the beknighted doormats of Rochdale Town. Looks like a sordid commercial venture to me. Dripping with business adverts and associated advertorial pieces with a whiff of noose, dagger, blindfold and not to forget rolled up trouser leg.

Within this beastly "organ" Saint Cyril delivers a sermon on the occasion of his 80th. As Cyril has retired from politics and has an X in the No Publicity box these days we can only assume this too is the work of the Boy Wonder Drunkagain.

No doubt the Editor thought the people of Rochdale would love to read such a lovely puff piece from the House of Cyril in Emma Street in the heart of darkness that has been Lib Dem turf for 120 years, uninterrupted. Not even by an asbestos scandal killing 1000s of people. And largely down to Cyril.

Now, a month ago I had to commit something to print for the Parliamentary Monitor conference edition and correctly predicted a GB gold rush. But when this steaming pile went to the printers, no doubt the editor and the financial backers thought such fawning drivel about Toxic Cyril was not going to be that controversial. And in the hostages to fortune feature they've trailed in last.

LOL would recommend that this Rochdale rag keeps up a series of pieces on the old bastard as, believe you me, this is good for the readership figures. Even if it does spawn some strange Google Adsense titles.

Sadly Blogger would not process my scan claiming that Cyril is a corrupt 'file (above), which is at least quite amusing.

* UPDATE 17:34: Can anyone confirm the rumour that there are two groups of careerists now prowling Rochdale waiting for the end game? Potential by-election PPCs to replace Rowen when the fall comes? And potential parliamentary assistants to replace 'ennigan on his ridiculously inflated salary package? Including B&B at the office as needed.


Anonymous said...

Good for you for coming up with the real story.

The Rochdale CLP website has no mention of the local PPC or any link to his website. It's almost as if they were operating as two entirely separate entities.

Chris Paul said...

It's dead, deceased, an ex-site, it's kicked the bucket, pushing up daisies. Only some hacking from a toxic friend of the Cyril Smith Legacy Party has brought it back into the news.

Roughly 20 visitors ALL TIME before this utter nonsense. I might as well point out how Sajjad Karim is still one of the main featured photographs on Drunkagain and Smaller-then-Life Rowen's site and that he now bats for the other side and suggest that the RLD franchise is actually a front for the Lancashire Tories?

Would the Express run that for me?

Anonymous said...

Simon's site is here with it's outward links.

The site at the centre of Hennigan's big scoop of poop is not the Rochdale CLP website. It is nominally from the district party.

And it's not an active site. And it has the naive democratic protocol of being open to anyone to alter. Brilliant stuff.

A Gordon and Sarah picture has been deliberately replaced by a hacker and in due course the exact means of doing that and the by whom may be revealed.

Anonymous said...

Dave and co will be making the front page of all the nationals ere long.

Chris Paul said...

Yes, they'll work up from the coveted early RHP to front page splatter and splutter.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is not what is said that it important. Rather it is what is glaringly omitted.

With Cyril Smith, Paul Rowen and Dave Hennegan on some things the silence has been deafening.

Chris Paul said...

Indeed. They've had no donations at all that need reporting for starters. Which is amazing really. For four whole years. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

The photo shows a relaxed Dave with bottle of vodka, but where is the coke?

or Pepsi or other carbonated caffine beverage oft associated as a mixer with the neat spirit?

Anonymous said...

Someone close to the Lib Dems in Rochdale today is singing like a canary about Dave's desperate spinning.

Pleas and veiled direct and indirect threats to Rochdale Online. something about a discussion thread about a paedophile vicar who is in the news but others suggesting it was a veiled reference to someone else. After Dave had put the phone down this afternoon, he was overheard ranting and foaming at the mouth.

Threats and calling favours in is high octane running. If Dodgy Dave keep this up and he will burn out and burn his bridges with his media contacts.

If some of those in the local media really knew what he thinks of them they would blush or be very angry. They should spend sometime near the photocopier at the Drake Street HQ whilst the maestro of spin is hard at it.

Maestro as in Austin Maestro. Cheap, unreliable, full of holes, unpopular and very expensive on hard working tax payers' purses.

Anonymous said...

Dave foaming at the mouth? In a rabid raver or Amy Winehouse stylee?

Blame it on the high carbohydrate diet of booze and Pot Noodle Bombay Bad Boy.

Anonymous said...

Don't think Dave likes soft drinks much ...