Friday, September 12, 2008

The Friday Cyril: Manchester Evening News Postbag

Not at Postbag online any more than the North West Tonight VT of last Tuesday, when St Cyril said "let them eat asbestos" (well almost), was left on the BBC site (Transcript).But here's a Hollywood take on Big Cyril's blasé asbestos blather:

Dear Editor,
In the 1976 Steven Spielberg blockbuster, Jaws, an obstinate mayor refuses to close the local beach even though he knows that anyone entering the water is at risk of being attacked by a killer shark. This was necessary, he argues, "to protect business".
Far fetched? Well, in Rochdale Sir Cyril Smith's "I was only protecting jobs" argument is a striking example of such obstinacy. In printing a copy of a letter from Sir Cyril asking for Turner and Newall to write him a Parliamentary speech, while he rubbished those who learned of the dangers posed by exposure to asbestos, the New Statesman article your newspaper referred to showed that our former MP appeared to put profits before people.
But unlike the Hollywood fantasy of Jaws this poor judgement really did cost lives in Rochdale.
Yours sincerely
Stewart Robinson, Rochdale


Anonymous said...

What sort of human being ignores the fact the New Statesman article featured people dying of asbestos cancer?

What Cyril Smith did in the 1980's he is repeating again today.

No compassion or thought for the personal health tragedy that could have been avoided if know hazards were avoided.

Instead, there is an attack on the memories of those victims who were abandoned and abused by a trusted local politician.

Shallow, nasty, vindictive and selfish. What a sad testament for a lifetime in politics.

Anonymous said...

Leopards don't change their spots.

Cyril got away with decades of abusing young lads, taking backhanders from developers, bullying his way in Rochdale.
He was a big fish in a small pond. What did he do at Westminster? Spat his dummy out and make his town a joke. He was never a liberal. He is the archtypical career politician out for himself.

Manipulative, scheming, cold and calculating.

A heartless, selfish pervert who sold his soul and sold out his town.