Friday, September 12, 2008

The Friday Hennigan: Business Awards Hallucinations

Dave Hennigan launched a ferocious thread on Rochdale Online's pages last night. This related to a supposed encounter between Secret Agent Hennigan and former Council and Labour Group leader Allen Brett. This being at a Rochdale Business Awards bash.

Hennigan included some miserable yet defiant personal stuff. Seemed pre-emptive as if he expected someone to behave as he would and attack on such matters. Then a detailed account of a conversation between these two Rochdale greats. Not very civil. Dave very upset. So very upset that he said he felt like bishing every one with his flailing fists. Oooh. Scarey stuff.

Dave clearly believed this conversation had actually taken place. But it certainly had not done so. And being hugely defamatory and incredible (albeit projectional and confessional) the strand was killed by the management. Sadly before LOL had a copy of the exchanges.

We understand that CCTV pictures may prove that Hennigan could hardly stand up (cf below), had not taken part in any such conversations being so wasted, and must have been hallucinating the whole thing in front of his lonely computer. Demon drink and all that. And then his 14-year-old RO sock puppet piped up. Oh my goodness. What a mess.

Nonetheless, having seen many episodes of Columbo, I would trust credible witness reports far more than any CCTV and would welcome reports of both the Hennigan rant and the Hennigan stagger round the said Business Awards.

Did you witness this spat that did not take place? Do you have a copy of Hennigan's RO rant? Should Rowen not enforce a level of inebriation testing and make sure that Dave cannot shame himself, his family, his employer, their party, and politics by blogging, 'phoning, ghost writing letters, and so on and so forth while under the influence?

This sensor intended to shut down a vehicle on any attempt to start it by an inebriate should be installed on the door of Rowen's office, and on any and all computers, telephones and fax machines. The first step of course is recognition. "I am Dave Hennigan. I am an embarrassment." etc

To quote the report:

While still in the developmental stages the concept of drink driving detectors being built into cars has generally been welcomed by Irish drivers contacted by ENN.
"It sounds like a good idea. Having said that, among my friends drink driving is just not done. I notice the difference between my generation and my parents'. I'd think twice about driving after a glass of wine with a meal, whereas I know a lot of people my parents' age just wouldn't think about it at all," said Clare Hayes-Brady, a driver living in Booterstown in Co. Dublin. "So, in theory a very good idea and worth a trial, but I wouldn't bank on it being much good as regards fatality statistics."
John Sheridan, from Dromiskin in County Louth, felt the prospect of not being able to drive home would ensure a lot of drivers acted more responsibly when out on the town. "I'd say it would cut down on people drinking and driving. It would see a lot of people go the extra mile and not drink at all for fear the quota in their car might be breached," he said.
The possibility of cutting down on the number of people drink driving was welcomed by Kevin Burke, from Deansgrange in Co. Dublin, but he added the developers needed to ensure the technology in place was capable of functioning precisely. "If it stops drink driving then it's a good thing, so long as it works properly," he said.
The system also contains features designed to detect, and react, if drivers are falling asleep at the wheel - facial recognition technology detects signs of drowsiness such as increased blinking of eyes - or if drivers are otherwise distracted - technology monitors operational behaviour of the car, such as veering out of lane.

POSTSCRIPT: Dave Hennigan does not drive. Phew.


Anonymous said...

You may not regard Hennigan highly and you wouldn't be alone. Let me warn you though that anyone who believes a word Allen Brett tells them above the word of anybody else is showing a remarkable lack of judgement.

Chris Paul said...

Haven't spoken with Allen Brett anon. But I know enough about AB to realise that the various words young Hennigan put in his mouth were absolutely impossible to accept as true. This exchange cannot have happened as Dave Drunkagain described.

This is not a case of he said he said it is a case of utter nonsense from Drunkagain.

And I know enough about Hennigan to have seen him crashing around drunk before tiffin time, never mind late on, including crass racial insults to my friend Ahmed Ali; to have seen him losing his footing having come out with the most embarrassing attack on someone's wife (a typical tactic as you may have noticed); and long before I knew Dave even existed I had reason to worry about the Hennigan brand.

But that's another story.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was typing something in this box in order to leave a comment and could read one above that had been posted in the name of David Hennigan.

It was gratuitous, totally irrelevant to the issue in question and was deleted by the blog administrator. Quite right too!

But the offensive content was no worse than many of your own 'contributions' and pale in comparison to posts from others that have been allowed to remain.

I have tried never to get personal - although I may have failed in that task on the odd occasion - and yet I have been called some truly dreadful names in return. Water and ducks' backs come to mind, but that's not the point.

Some people come on here anonymously and you take exception to that (only when they disgaree with you, I notice). Well, when you see the sheer bile that is doled out to your opponents there is not a hope in hell of me revealing any form of identity.

I feel that your opinions and stances need to be challenged and that your defence of the current Labour government is, literally, beyond belief. But, in turn, that's just my own opinion. Take the arguments on, but don't be a cyber-bully and resort to this putrid revenge-taking and petty vendetta.

Chris Paul said...

Hennigan is a paid employee of parliament, a former councillor, an election agent and a man who puts himself in the public eye constantly.

Those he attacks are volunteers and indeed their families.

I'd prefer both sides of the Rochdale story to post under their own names and strangers also.

Don't post that much either defending or attacking the government. That is for others to do as they choose on their own blogs.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

You deserve each other!

Chris Paul said...

Dave: You are simply not answering any of the questions being put to you. We pay your wages and you should be civil to us. You are a complete and utter disgrace. Smearing is all you seem to know.

Anonymous said...

That's a bloody stupid argument.

Do you really think that you have the right to expect every single person that is paid out of the public purse to have to answer questions that you put to them on your own website?

If that's the case then there are some I would like to put to Labour insiders that are paid from public money.

The only person that should be fully held to account on a site is its host. You consistently refuse to answer points that have been put to you and yet you demand Star Chmaber status for yourself.

Get a grip!

Chris Paul said...

I don't think I can demand their answers in a compulsory way, no.

But I can ask the questions. If they provide answers that are disingenuous e.g. using present tense when questions refer to the past; or if they come out smearing instead of answering or politely declining then I think readers may like to draw their own conclusions.

The Rochdale LD accounts that have been filed are a treasure trove btw. Happy hunting.

PS I do think a man claiming to be the agent for an MP and paid for by the taxpayer should behave in an appropriate manner and that his employer i.e. Paul Rowen MP should be, and is under PPERA, responsible for keeping his attack dog on a short leash, to heel, and behaving properly.

Someone suing Hennigan or pursuing him for smears in the courts under PPERA would be entitled to involve Rowen as a third party. But I suppose the longer he carries on with this nonsense the happier I should be?