Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Seance: Daves' Heywood Trance Demonstration

No sooner has Dave Caned-again moved to Heywood - with his eyes on Wera and Jim's prized seat - than there cometh a flock of clairvoyants, ready to get into an all-knowing, all-seeing trance to order.

Heywood Civic Centre
Church Street
OL10 1LW
01706 624104

Melanie Polly's 'Trance Demonstration' in an evening of clairvoyance. Please don't telephone or call for further details though as they don't have any. I've tried. Apart from a start time of 7:30pm. the promoter Sheila Hill 01706 629857 may however be on the right wavelength. Polly is mentioned in dispatches here.

Dave Trance-again also does trance demonstrations of course. And he allegedly hears voices. But what should Dave ask Polly to find out for him and for the old spanking sack-grubber and asbestos magnate Cyril Smith?


Anonymous said...

The vodka fuelled mindmonger needs help from the voices in his head and the premenitions he knows will come true.

Confess and repent you sinner. The truth shall set you free.

Anonymous said...

All those spirits will haunt his soul.

An unhappy man. Bitter, unfulfilled and on the road to distruction. he should open his heart to his Redeemer and Salvation.