Saturday, September 06, 2008

Full SP: Speech Writers of the World Unite Take Over

Rupa has Republican speech writers from Ray-Gun and Nixon/Ford slam dunking Wassila's Miss Congeniality. Leaving only the likes of George Dubya Bush's man Matthew Scully who wrote her RNC speech (actually on a one-size-fits-all basis before her adoption). Mr Scully is a pro-animal, anti-hunting, vegetarian and environmental empathist who may find the going tough in the weeks ahead. Not to mention having to diss the Republican incumbents hilariously as "liberals", "incompetents", "non-mavericks" and losers.


Culture Vulture said...

Excellent Moz reference.

Chris Paul said...

cheers me dears

Anonymous said...

Hitler was apparently a vegetarian.

Last night the plans for a future war were all I saw on Channel 4.

Chris Paul said...

Hitler's speech writer however was a red-blooded carnivore-sexual. Something has got to give.

Palin must be anathema to the independents and indeed the softer Rs who cannot like the idea of such a basket of beliefs so close to the oval office.