Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hazel Blears: Queen Bee of a Killer Bee Hive?

Hazel Blears is a one! Now isn't she? Of Kilfoyle and Stringer she has just said that she loves them dearly but doesn't share their politics. I might say the same of her. But this comment was by way of a denial to Andrew Neil on the last conference Report from Manchester that - as the Times suggested graphically - she is the Queen Bee of a Killer Bee Hive. Out for a Taste of Honey to emerge from the Lion's Corpse.

Naming the Brothers Grim Peter and Graham was Hazel's way of wriggling off a hook offered by Andrew Neil who reeled off a list of her Deputy Leadership supporters who also happened to be grumbling about Gordon. She had 55 names in all she said. Might be worth a little look down that list chaps. It's all a coincidence then my dears!

Hazel also got to kick off the speeches at the Progress! Rally last Sunday in the Banqueting Room at the Town Hall.

Which puts her as the sole representative in BOTH sets of mutterers and grousers. Hazel's Lanky Rebels, and Hazel's Progress Pretenders. And when she was dealing with Cricky earlier this evening; didn't she have something of the "You may think that. I couldn't possibly comment." twinkle about her?

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Anonymous said...

I'm not putting this forward as a theory, but just to show how these stories can begin.

The link between Blears' supporters and Brown rebels may seem apparent, but have you noticed the more obvious correlation between the list of rebels and Catholic Labour MPs?

Someone mentioned it to me last weekend and I laughed it off. But then Ruth Kelly walked and I thought mmmm. I wonder whose whip this crew are taking - probably Opus Dei.

Chris Paul said...

Ruth Kelly has been walking this way for around six months mate.

But are we to have a good old fashioned roundheads and cavaliers battle in parliament?

And do we Catholics with all our popery and silk ruffed vestments have to side with the latter against the presby NMA?

Not a good look.

Anonymous said...

Is that 'Greg Popery'?