Friday, September 19, 2008

Labour Home "Grassroots" Poll: Makes Sky News

Brilliant. The Labour Home poll has now made Sky News. Even though Labour are rightly critting the methodology, saying Tories have hijacked the thing.

UPDATE Sat 09:31: Lively comment threads at Luke's and Tom's blogs. Including a fair bit of support for Labour Home's brave honesty. Much of it written by the same trolls who run round making mischief at LH ...


Chris Gale said...

I find it hard to fathom the sheer head banging stupidity of the person, the total genius who decided to let the Tory media have this 'survey'.

Chris Paul said...

It is very odd. Alex Hilton and Jag Singh are the brains behind the blog and presumably the survey policy and the selling of a particular survey to The Independent.

Which to be fair is not the Tory press ... though once the Indy run it it's "in the wild".

Personally I think these surveys are a bad idea and badly constructed. Don't know whether the boys are trained in such things.

While having an open door is exciting and dangerous it really won't wash. And of course when this is challenged there are always those - whether liberal Labour insiders or trolls - who will pipe up and say they like the "democracy" ... but this is anything but.

Talked with Alex about this ahead of the Parliamentary Monitor piece but he didn't really agree. As you can tell.