Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lib Dem Voice: Looking to Rochdale, Missing T'Story

Iain's Daily Dozen of Monday has just come to light in LOL mansions. Here. With one of the links being to a story about Rochdale District Labour Party's website by Mark Pack of Lib Dem Voice.

Here's the link to the page they screen grabbed. Fair enough. Some person has stuck a picture of Milipede D on the home page. Who knows why. Perhaps some throw back tendancy to the Lorna Fitzsimons years. Her being a Progress fellow traveller with Milipede and all.

They should have delved a little deeper. And they'll find Gordon and Sarah where the true heart of the town's motley crew of socialists, social democrats, DNA-Labourites and so on lies.

Here's Heywood and Middleton as seen above. The Town constituency - temporarily held by the Lib Dems - includes a picture of Turner asbestos magnate Cyril Smith and Rediffusion salesman Jeremy Thorpe. Who scored a big Council contract ... in Rochdale, ahead of arse slapping Cyril's surprising selection.


Anonymous said...

very funny but still rather purile IF the Fib Dems have hacked into the website.

IF they have is it a diversionary tactic or an excuse to show that the Boy Wonder Dave still has what it takes in the spin stakes.

If this funny little adventure gets into the national media it could blow back on the Lib Dems and shower them in shite.

You see, all those media folk who Dodgy Dave will have emailed with this will then have his contact details.

Just in time for the main event.

Dave - save your boxing gloves for staving off self-abuse on those lonely nights little fella.

Chris Paul said...

Now now now, this will never do anon 20:00. Let's keep it civilized shall we? Doesn't look like much of a site to me. Unused for ages, until this hack.

Anonymous said...

Dave Shenighan is cock a hoop on Rochdale Online with this naughty Millband photo scoop. He eagerly boasts about his contact with the Daily Express.

He goes for the old non denial denial. How could he be possibly involved with hacking into a website? Such an honest cove always makes his presence known when he is the interweb.

This week's spinny buzzword is "fantasy" as opposed to using that naughty word "lie".

Spanker Smith refers to fantasies in his latest ignorant rant in his Rochdale Obscurer letter.

By sheer co-incidence Spunker Hennigoon uses the same clever rouse to avoid calling people liars in his excited rant today in today's Rochdale Online.

Those fancy wordologists in that there London might make something of this.

Cyril and Dave could end up on their own Fantasy Island. Cyril with knotted hankie on head greasing himself with lard. Little Dave on the beach pointing up at the sky.

"hey Boss, its the plane, the plane!"