Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Orange By Name: Sanders Assault Unprovoked, Serious

With much talk in Bournemouth on again spending the money saved from cancelling the Id Card project - when the Lib Dems take power!! - this time on more police and less crime - it is good to read an accurate account of the Sanders assault on Littlewood on the Lib Dem blog of Julian H Ed Fordham. Far worse than the Prescott thing I'd say. Premeditated. Unprovoked. And quite a tumble.

Adrian Sanders MP, the progressive rock devotee and proud thickie, has overstepped the mark here. By a country mile. Will Clegg and Huhne see to it that Sanders is pursued for the various public order and assault crimes he has committed? De-selection at least?

Surely any successor could improve on a majority of 12 votes? Perhaps Ed (or Julian) would like a go. Come on down if you think you're hard enough would very likely be Scrapper Sanders bold riposte.

UPDATE: Apologies to Julian and Ed on erroneous attribution. J seems to have rejigged his code to avoid similar mistakes from further eejits. His other blog - but don't hold that against him.


Haribo said...

Hello Chris, thanks for the link.

I must stress, though, that I am not Ed Fordham - my blog simply links to his.

Could you therefore change the above post to make clear that Orange By Name is my blog, and not Ed's?


Julian H

Chris Paul said...

Apologies Julian. Careless of me, sorry. Though you might want to rejig your masthead to save other eejits making the same error?!

Haribo said...

Thanks, Chris. I agree that it could be misleading, so will try to amend when possible.

Chris Paul said...

Amend seems to have already happened? Masthead now going across the full width in FFox anyway. Whereas Ed was getting the "left ear" yesterday??