Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Saturday Hennigan: Business Awards Dinner

Having now received three witness reports from the Rochdale Business Awards ...

At which Dave Hennigan the Lib Dem Agent (full time) and Parliamentary worker (nominal) was apparently moonlighting as DJ ...

I have decided that for now I'll leave it alone.

Summary for new readers: Dave exceedingly off his face and incoherent, claims to have been subject of abuse from former senior councillor and laughter from opposition PPC, no evidence to support claim whatsoever, private life and hallucinated defamatory remarks best left private.


Anonymous said...

You complete prick.

Your party is falling apart. The girls and boys are doing what they do best: fighting the fuck out of each other.

And you are running a diversion campaign.

Stick you head down a sewer.

Anonymous said...

keep on with this big Cyril stuff whilst your party collapses.
your mob are heading for a Canadian result.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh ! The Local Liberal Democraps are trying to confuse the issues. Funny how they can only raise two Idiots !

Now a story about Cyril the fondler wot I can warrent true, cos, as we say in South Wales, I was there !

Not that many years ago, when I was working in the smoke, my divorced Sister, and her daughter had to come up to London. I drew the short straw to neice sit for a few hours. The hand over point was the Green near to the Houses of Parliament.

I arrived on time, to find my sister, her ankel biter and Cyril sharing a bench.

My sister was highley embarresed, cos my 5 year old niece was pointing at Cyril Smith and going "Fat Fat Fat, your fatter than my Uncle Gruff" in the way 5 year olds do.

Recognising Smith we made no appology and left.

But in view of recent revelations I wonder.

GW (AKA Uncle Gruff)

E-Mail me if you need evidence of this.

Chris Paul said...

We'll have to wait and see won't we? Glad to see that BHT remains reasonably courteous while the anons go on and on.

Not sure what is a Canadian result? Like the township of Asbestos getting a bad name??

Chris Paul said...

Nice story GW which crossed with my comment referring to the above. And yes I'd love more information. How fat were you at the time would be a start!

Anonymous said...


What a truly amazing story.

Neice of fat person sees even fatter person and tells the latter (wait for it) you're even fatter than my uncle. Do you know how ward it is to type while holding both of your own sides

Harry Enfield could make a whole series out of that.

Anonymous said...

How bizarre.

It seems that whenever this blog makes a point that is a little too close to home, there is then a huge outcry and insults are hurled.

Part funding and Mr Hennigan seem to be very sensitve issues.

Does the Federal party think Mr Hennigan an asset or liability to Rochdale Liberal Democrats.

His extraordinary defence of Sir Cyril is a very important test.

On a national level Sir Cyril is not a huge party asset. Historically he was never a party player. His abandonment of his leader in the mid-1970's, his attack on David Steel in the early 1980's and his rather illeberal personla views and questionable pecadillios are all known about at Federal level. They will not defend Sir Cyril but obviously will not openly attack on old man who still has the ability to be indiscrete and embarrass his party.

Mr Hennigan has made terrible mistakes that have undermined his own political aspirations and career. His behaviour has been noted.

At Westminster and most of the UK, the Liberal Democrats do not hold much power. They have an undermining influence without responsibility. However, in the little civic bubble that is Rochdale, the Liberal Democrats have had power. It seems to have corrupted absolutely.

This is Cyril Smith's true legacy.

Chris Paul said...

The question for opponents of the Rochdale Lib Dems must be should we be crying for Hennigan's head as he is clearly doing politics on the tax payer and carrying on in a wholly unacceptable way for a public servant? Or should we be hoping he lasts another year or so as a kind of corrosive cancer in the Lib Dem machine?