Monday, September 08, 2008

The Monday Cyril: Links to Smith's Hansard Archive

For reference dear readers here are the direct links to Sir Cyril Smith MBE MP's finest parliamentary "contributions".

Contributions to asbestos science, health and safety, not to mention complicity with ruthless killer capitalists.

As archived online.

1981 - this being the one that Cyril asked T&N (right) to write for him and 1983 - the one that seemingly led the Chairman of T&N to personally thank Cyril "for all his "help" ". Did all "solidarity" shareholders get letters like this?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. My personal favourite quote is:

"asbestos is a carcinogen". I have great difficulties with that statement.

tory boys never grow up said...

Of course the serious question is whether Cyril received any contribution in return for his contribution to the asbestos industry.

His claim that he purchased the minimum sharehoilding of 1300 shares in order to be allowed to speak at the AGM is interesting. I can find no such restriction in the latest T&N Memorandum and Articles (1996) available at Companies House and such restrictions are in practice very rare and would have been frowned upon in a listed company. Does anyone have access to the T&N plc memo and articles at the time of Cyril's investment so it can be deterrmined whether or not he was telling the truth.

Might also be very interesting to see who was donating to Cyril's election campaigns at the time?

Anonymous said...

Cyril was very close to some Tories back in the 1970's and 80's. He got on well with their leader Pam Horton back then. He stayed very friendly with David Tripper, son of the local stockbrocker who went on to become a neighbouring MP and Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire. Rather dapper in his pith helmet and ostrich feather...

As for Cyril. There is no law against buying shares. He says he bought them to attend an AGM then sold for for zero profit. How? Did he not buy them when the T&N share price was on its arse?

In the 1980's Greed, according to Gordon Gekko, was Good. The worst abuses of the stock exchange were seen with the insider trading scandals that threatened several famous people with prison.

Insider trading. Having inside company knowledge or being able to influence a share price. Did this happen in Rochdale.

Before buying his shares did Cyril have access to intimate inside knowledge about T&N?

Did T&N shareholder Cyril have an effect on his company's share price?

Have a read of Hansard and make your own mind up.

Anonymous said...

Its David Trippier not Tripper, or is that a Freudian slip too?

He was MP for Rossendale home to moorland magic mushrooms.

Far out man.

Anonymous said...

And it's Hawton not Horton - which leads me to suspect that you have no idea what you are talking about but repeating gossip you heard in a pub

Would you lije examples of other odd political friendships for you to comment on>

Menzies Campbell and Gordon Brown. Diane Annott and Jonathan Aitken. Chris Paul and ...., hang on, I'll think of someone that likes him. Give me a minute.