Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Thursday Cyril: Rochdale Lib Dems Brickwall

Faced with legitimate questions about some £37,000 received in three years or so by Rochdale Lib Dems, many of them received at asbestos-disgrace knight-of-the-night slapper-of-the-buttocks and grasper-of-the-ball-bags St Cyril Smith's private address the Rochdale Libdemologists have stonewalled.

Why have declared donations to this accounting unit via Emma Street or otherwise dried up?

Perhaps a council group of 30 or whatever have switched from collective to individual giving and therefore think they can escape scrutiny?

Perhaps donations from business interests in the town and beyond have all fallen beneath the threshhold for declaration?

How was Dave Hennigan's work for the Lib Dem group funded from 2005 until his alleged recent sacking by them? NB NOT ball-sacking. And Dave, it's not your current staus - employed only with tax-payer money - that we're interested in. We know you've been sacked. It's before the sacking we're interested in.

Does Dave Hennigan, "Agent Hennigan", do anything other than the impermissible low-life politicking he is famous for? For his handsome salary, financed by the taxpayer, via the closed book that is Paul Rowen MP?

What happened to Saint Cyril's Turner Brothers Asbestos shares? Does he hold shares in the current owners of the former TBA/T&N known as Federal-Mogul and trading on with $6.9 Billion annual turnover worldwide and all time record results, while enjoying Section 11 bankruptcy status?

With the express purpose - in 2001 - of isolating its shareholders from asbestos death responsibilities. $16 a share just now, down from $35 a few months ago.

Did Cyril get out at the right time?

How close was St Cyril to the Turner asbestos fib weavers who wrote his speeches for him? And how far from the Rochdale weavers on the lusty, nay dusty shop floor who bore the brunt?

Did someone from Rochdale Lib Dems have a quiet word with the BBC North West Tonight newsroom and have them remove the VT of the programme expeditiously from the public domain? Or was that just good luck as he's no oil painting and no one is interested in asbestos life and death when they can wonder at the Tall Ships Race instead?

Instead of answering these and other questions the Rochdale massive have chosen to throw stones at these donations to the five constituency Labour parties of the City of Manchester. These total barely twice the declared amount for one Lib Dem constituency over half the time.

Come on Cyril, Dave, provide answers to legitimate questions there's a love.


Anonymous said...

Well Dave, thats another fine mess you've got yourself into.

Time to charge up the De Lorean and make firey skid marks down Emma Street.

Bye bye.

Anonymous said...

It is unfair to look at this with the benefit of hindsight.

The "Rochdale Model" of party funding was pioneered by the Lib Dems years ago when those political and intellectual giants Cyril and Norman ran the show full time.

How do you think that Rochdale became the architectural shithole it is today?

Those flats,shopping centres, housing estates,spring businesses,cable TV companies,school playing fields, asbestos factories,supermarkets and nightclubs don't get helped out or turn into valuable real estate on their own.

Don't be daft. There had to be a little oil to grease the cogs. And for the palty sums known about in those brown envelopes, it was a real bargain.

Pay peanuts and get monkeys that shit Snickers bars.

tory boys never grow up said...

Perhaps one reason why Federal Mogul are doing very well is because of the deal they did to only pay 17p in the £ on the legal compensation which was agreed to Turner and Newall victims - see here

Talk about leopards never changing their spots - and still the Turner and Newall Lib Dems stand by Cyril.

Chris Paul said...

The Rochdale Model? Isn't that what they're calling the ruse by which the council tax payers of Rochdale set up in competition with remaining local sub-postmasters and crown post offices?

Take the losses? And/or run the remaining post offices off the road with their un-thought through political fix?

I think that officers may well tell them to "think on" when Dave's men try to pull the wool over residents' eyes another time. That'll be this afternoon I'll be bound.

Bare-faced cheek as Cyril might say. As in "Let's see those bare-faced cheeks, boy".

Anonymous said...

The Roochdale LibDems appear to think they have discovered Chapter 11 for political parties where they can continue to try and make capital from all their old antics while ignoring any liability arising from their past actions.

Anonymous said...

For those old enough to remember the silent silver screen, the name Fatty Arbuckle comes to mind. I recall his career finished under a sex scandal cloud too.

Smith the Predator still has power in Rochdale. It is a power based on bullying, petty bribes, deference and a steady stream of laundered cash. It is helped by a local council and newspaper that likes easy good news stories and turns a blind eye to corruption and tales of local late night discipline.

If Rochdale was an island somewhere warm, Smith would be on the coins and stamps while the bananas rotted in the fields.

Anonymous said...

The are some residents who live around the Bury Road area of Rochdale who know all too well about the magic of the Lib Dem Rochdale Township Planning Committee.

For a small fee they have a Midas touch.

At times, one such property developer has been quite up front about his donations. He has bought council property, knocked down houses to avoid Conservation Area protection and achieved what some said was impossible in planning terms.

Rochdale Council's top brass don't want to know. Rumour is, the same property developer holds a ransom strip in the town centre slap bang in the middle of where the regenration isn't going to happen.

In the good times, the brown envelopes kept coming and everyone stayed quiet. Now the credit crunch has started, certain businessmen and politicians are falling out and their debts are getting called in.

If the property developers are going to go down, they will make sure they take the bent politicians with them.

Stand back. This is going to get VERY ugly.

Chris Paul said...

Twas Chris Grieves' Pennine and Rossendale Developments that knocked down an Edwardian mansion the day before the somethingly delayed decision that a conservation area be designated wasn't it? I found some Rochdale Observer coverage on the web when his name was mentioned before.

And a much-loved landmark Edwardian School building in a joint venture with the Council was taken out too? There was a bit of a spat then between one Cllr Hobhouse - who defected from Tory to Lib Dem and whose wife is the LD PPC in the Heywood seat the oft intoxicated Hennigan has his shenanigans focussed on - and Cllr Sharif of Deeplish Ward, the former council seat of Paul Rowen MP.

Oh, and the Carlton Ballroom too.

So are you referring to Chris Grieve? If so there's no need to be shy as these demolitions and planning consents for Hallmark, Penn and Ross etc are all in the public domain as is at least one example of his support for Lib Dem campaigning.

Paying for a charabanc for a trip to London for a Rowen led protest. And he has lots of property around Drake Street in the town centre doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

Those local party workers who gave their trust, time and money to Rochdale Liberal Democrats deserve a proper explaination.

What an earth is going on?