Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Tuesday Asbo: Trade Unions Oppose Development

Tucked away it may be in the pro-Cyril Rochdale Observer's hagiographic coverage of the old scrote but here you go.

The former Conservative, now Lib Dem, councillor commenting on the story William Hobhouse would I think fancy himself MP material. Indeed his wife Councillor Wera Hobhouse is the PPC for the Heywood seat. Hers is the seat that new Heywood resident Dangerous Dave Drunkagain covets.

Councillor Hobhouse has signs of being a good egg, standing up against certain planning consents and the premptive behaviour of Lib Dem friendly developers. Such as Christopher Grieves. But will the Lib Dem group as a whole get on board? Will they stop this development of 600 homes on asbo-ridden land? Will they undo the transparaently stupid Town Centre redevelopment deal with the stricken Barrett organisation?

Why on earth did they go there in the first place? Against very specific warnings?


Anonymous said...

the hobhouses will keep quiet They are like Rowan and have just used asbestos as a political opportunity to look popular and get votes. They jumped ship from the tories to get a seat in parliament. All the Fib Dems are as thick as thieves. They are sticking together even though they know lots of dirty secrets.
For evil to prevail if good people do nothing. They do nothing apart from a few vague soundbites.
If they want to be true heroes they should start talking and backing up their claims. If not they are as bad as the rest of them.

Shit or get off the pot.

Anonymous said...

When all the dust has settled Dave Hennigan will be the PCC for Heywood. He is very good at his job.
Vera is finished.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:47 - oh dear just when I thought I saw a flicker of life in the 40 year dead corpse of Rochdale Liberalism

Hennigan good at his job? - Just like certain people said David Irving was a good historian i suppose.

Chris Paul said...

"He is very good at his job"? Which job is that? Providing services to constituents without fear or favour? Or politicking with fear and favour writ large?

I don't think he does the first job at all. Not at all. The whole passion he has is to do damage, carve things up, cover things up, make things up.

Good at his job? Don't make us laugh.