Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Tuesday Cyril: East Lancashire Mason Directory

One reader has raised that old standby that the dark events of Rochdale Town may have involved certain secret societies. Who'd have thought it? If anyone has access to membership lists ancient and modern for any such societies active in the foothills of Pendle Witch country I would be most glad if you would drop me an email with details.

My spare time yesterday was largely spent on the strange links among the Tory Lord David Waddington, the Liberal Democrat Sir Cyril Smith, Mr Paul Rowen and so on. Beyond the Defending the Indefensible activities of the Asbestos Supporters Society (ASS for short). Information on linkages between these and others would also be most welcome.

Incidentally searching for information about "Cyril Smith" and separately "Rochdale" and "Freemason" I found Postman Patel's Blog, which was and is interesting for those following this story. The image of the death head masonic bangle - perhaps made entirely of different types of asbestos? - is from Freemasonry Watch.


Anonymous said...

Have patience Chris.
Brothers don't talk but Lewis' do.

As for the search for Dark Matter...

The Liberal Hennaghan Collider (LHC)is a complex experiment that nobody yet knows what will come from it.

The LHC is huge expensive underground doughnut buried deep beneath Rochdale that some conspiracy theorists say could create a huge black hole.

Investigating something that once had a mass of over 30 stone and gravitated round Rochdale's Town Hall and the masonic hall at Richard Street is sure to release interesting data.

Chris Paul said...

Indeed. Anything can happen in the next two hours as they say around CERN. Make that two weeks.

Anonymous said...

The physics of all this is complicated. It isn't a Big Bang that is so important but rather the feint trail left by quarks, muons, perverts, morons and apologists.

Particles are like criminals- it is the proven charge that is important.

Bum Bum.(no offence Cyril, or is that too soon to say)