Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Tuesday Cyril: Rochdale Obbie Postbag Kicks OAP

I am hearing that as last week Rochdale's most famous Old Aged Pensioner has had a right good kicking in the midweek letters page. Four to none against the old scrote stroke. Last week was I believe six to one against. Perhaps no more of Cyril's fans from TBA are unavailable to sing his praises? They are after all a dying breed.

But why would the R-obbie not reflect the true balance of opinion in the more widely read Saturday edition of the paper?

UPDATE Thursday 12:50: Image added, click to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

the front page headline had the hearts a flutter of those in the know, and wondered why things had gone quiet with Team Hennigan and the white knights of asbestos...


False alarm.

But it is heartening to know that the Ob are getting a taste for preditory pervert news stories.

Ironically there is a fluffy article inside with current Rochdale MP Paul Rowen photographed outside the excellent Rathbone charity.

The first paragraph reads:

"A charity run project which strives to open doors for some of the town's most vulnerable teenagers has been praised by MP Paul Rowen".

So the Observer also now reports on MPs and troubled teenager charity projects.

No mention of the Cambridge House charity project, Cyril and spanking troubled teenagers etc. But the scene is set.

The letters page also mentions Whippe & Bourne. The factory that employed some of the troubled teenage aprrentices that Cyril reportedly abused.

The net is closing in. The Rochdale Observer are either being incredibly coy or this is just Devine Intervention to right a great historic wrong.

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking about the Ob.

Those close to Cyril and past dodgy and perverted dealings must be shitting brown rusty arse water now. As those as sophisticated as Stephen Fry might say.

Anonymous said...

Tut tut.
Such vulgar talk by quoting Stephen Fry's famous quip about The Da Vinci Code.
Please can we bring the standard of comment back up to Jeremy Kyle please or David H's manchester massive might flaming complain.

Anonymous said...

I'll drink to that.
Eh Dave?

Anonymous said...

More4 tonight 10pm.
True Stories:Chosen.
"A simply made,desperately sad film about the sexual abuse of boys by teachers in Britain's private school system....."

Proves if you wait long enough...

Anonymous said...

For someone who throw shite out for a living (paid for by taxpayers), Dave Hennigan is very sensitive about adverse comments.

You'd be surprised how easy it is for things to get up his nose.

A very edgy, dodgy character.

Chris Paul said...

If I didn't know any better I'd think that one of Cyril's fan club was on here talking to themselves at tea time yesterday?! A Hennigan tactic if ever I saw one. Has the boy turned from the dark side? Seen the light?