Friday, September 05, 2008

Wednesday Early Closing: Rochdale Lib Dem Meltdown

With all the local press now on the case to shame Sir Cyril Smith MP for his deathly mistakes on asbestos - based on current revelations. And with more dynamite documents in an inevitable pipeline to publication ... the Rochdale Lib Dem brains trust met at Paul Rowen's office on wednesday night.

It was a kind of Summit Meeting. "We're going to have to do summat" was the consensus. But they had no idea what that would be. "Perhaps we could start on people's families and jobs and that? If they ask these troublesome questions to which we have no answers about our dirty old patriarch?", wondered the dirty Rochdale Libdemologists.

Dark forces are at work in Lib Dem Rochdale behind the spanking and groping. You mark my words. I'm not saying it's witchcraft. But ... it's dark.


Anonymous said...

I have read some of blogs on here about asbestos. Jeezzzz...

Let's get this right- this "Sir" guy was a British MP, he gave speeches for a company that has killed people at a time when it was known it was killing people.In the same town that he was representing.There is also a lot of talk about sexual abuse.

Don't you folks have laws against this?

Asbestos,cash,sex with kidz.

Are you sure you guys aint Canadian?

Sounds to me like the RCMPs need callin.

For you brits, that was a joke from the part of the american continent that has irony and a sense of humor.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police...


Arsy MP

OK, I'll get my coat...

Chris Paul said...

No suggestion of sex with kids. Spanking and groping only.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see the BBC TV news with Sir Cyril's shocking interview but Rochdale Online carries a transcript.

At a spritely 80 years of age he bragged that asbestos hasn't affected his health. Good for him. But what about his conscience, if he searches deep into his soul?

He is still adamant that the public at large are not threatened by asbestos. The phrase "public at large" used by a commensurate politician is a very slippery phrase. The dusty product was lethal as so many dying trademen are now finding out. They were never asbestos manufacturing workers. Instead ,they were some of the public at large that Cyril dismissed so glibly in 1981, 1983 and even still in 2008.

They say only the good die young.

Although a silly phrase, it has a certain poignancy when we remember the death of Leigh Carlise, aged only 28.

An innocent now in Heaven.

Sir Cyril has always claimed to be a Christian.

There is a place for unrepentant sinners. A firery eternal pit where no amount of asbestos can quench.

I pray for all lost souls.

Anonymous said...

fair point Chris.

However the uncontested allegations publised in RAP and Privae Eye in 1979 make reference to a 15 yr old.

RAP was never sued for libel by the serving MP.

OK back then the school leaving age was 15 hence these lads being apprentices at Whipp & Bourne.

Even so, a 15 year old, now and then is a minor.

The signed witness statements alluded to in the RAP were clear that the sexual touching by Smith was non-consensual.

TBNGU in another associated blog comment is correct. This really is a matter for the police. They have a duty to investgated all such claims. If all this is true then these young men have been betrayed over the past 40 odd years in 2 ways- by Smith IF he abused them and by the aurthorities IF they failed to act,colluded or were negligent.

tory boys never grow up said...

So what should the Rochdale Lib Dems do? Admitting that Cyril Smith (and his brother for good measure) was wrong on asbestos might be a good start. And Rowen should withdraw his comment about the criticism of Smith's stance being based on hindsight, it wasn't.

If not this whole episode should be rammed down the LibDems throat every time they start their usual holier than thou antics.

Alternatively they might wish to rename themselves the Turner and Newall Lib Dems.

Anonymous said...

fat chance tory boy. predator Smith won't back down ,he is arrogant but not stupid.if he does that then those he has been protecting will turn on him. whatever he does he is fucked. it serves him right.

as for Rowan, he is just a typical lying opportunist fib dem fuckwit that jumps on bandwagons hunting for votes.

Rowan has gone a track record for defending murderers and trying to be all right-on and left wing. He did it at a meeting with Tony Benn a few years ago. The old boy joked afterwards that with young liberal whippersnapper had lost the plot. Rowan sttod on a stage in front of mainly yong muslim men and declared that he had old family members who had been in the IRA,so he could be through of as coming from an old terrorist family.

The IRA. A shameless attempt to go fo the muslim and catholic audience in the room. dangerous mindless opportunistic fuckwit.

not the new IRA mind, but the old ones. the harmless guys from before thats ok then then is it? a bit like defending a posion factory and a his parties 'statesman' protected from claims of spanking and trousering asbestos cash.


Anonymous said...
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Chris Paul said...

Irish heritage does give us an insight and fellow feeling for say the problems of Kashmir, Palestine and so on. Not to condone the tactics but to feel the issue.

My mum's grand-daddy was a gun runner for the IRA (this is way way back when) and one of her cousins was shot dead by British soldiers, allegedly carrying a handgun.

One of her brothers has stopped several baton rounds as has a first cousin of mine. Broken legs and the like.

Having said all that Rowen is clearly a lightweight and a muppet. There is plenty more trouble and strige coming for these Lib Dems. They are devoid of philosophy and belief at this local level. And some of their MPs, perhaps half or more, are nothing more than extranumerary councillors.

At least Smith made the odd notable speech and gave Rochdale a somethingly useful profile. Rowen is just off on a world tour and delivering nothing for the town. And the council are abyssmal bullshitters.

Worse by far than what they replaced. Which was not 100% if we're honest about it.

Anonymous said...

Chrissy darling, when are you going to bring out a nude calendar for me to pleasure myself over?

You're much fitter than Luke Akehurst! Mmmmmmmm!

Anonymous said...
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Chris Paul said...

No guest moderator. If you want your own, start your own blog. No posts have been removed from the sick Sir Cyril strands have not included actionable comments.

Any fair comment or criticism in the same posts has to be zapped too. Sorry anon I don't have the patience to poke through your crap for what's OK and what's not, edit the posts, repost them.

Make your fair comment, make your criticism but don't defame, harrass or smear people and expect your post to stand.

If I were Hennigan and cronies with tax payers and council tax payers paying my salary, providing my office (and where I sleep often as not), my computers and 'phones I would be far more careful than Mr Shenanigan is not to do politically partisan, utterly defamatory, nasty ad hominem "work" on the tax payer.

Cyril deserves a roasting for what he's done and not done. You and your boss are accountable as public servants. But you don't seem to know where the line is when it comes to responding.

Do your job. Stop your disgusting bullying, slander and nastiness.

tory boys never grow up said...

Perhaps anon could point us to the open thread on this matter run by the Rochdale Lib Dems. I'm sure his garbage will be more than welcome there.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Mr Paul.

Agent Hennigan is widely acknowledged within the Lib Dem Party as a hugely corrosive influence, regularly resorting to smears, bullying and being off his head in the line of duty.

The Federal Party is therefore instigating a disciplinary enquiry which will result in his being:

1. Barred from any employment within the party, federal and local;

2. Removed from membership;

3. Disowned by the party, with a dossier provided to the press on his many shenanigans;

4. It goes without saying that he will not be our candidate in Heywwood local government elections and nor will he be allowed to bring about the de-selection of our hard-working ex-Tory PPC in that area.

Better to lance the boil now. We also have Mr Rowen under scrutiny. And there will be no state funeral for Sir Cyril Falstaff.

Anonymous said...

This is your trusted source I take it Chris!!!!!! Good Work Sherlock!