Saturday, October 04, 2008

And Another Thing: What a Blot on Brown's Copybook

Was it shouting about his upward trend? Welcoming guaccy peas lover Peter Mandelson back to Number 10? Or being beaten by none-of-the-above and a trainspotter in a Railway Eye poll? No matter. We'll probably never know.

Leading Scottish Blogger, Labour Blogger, New Blogger etc etc Tom Harris MP is to spend more time with Reggie and Ronnie and his Apple Macintosh and those back benches too.

Shame on you Gordon Brown! And you were doing so well too.

UPDATE Sun 10:22: Notice that some of the media are relating this assignment to the back benches to Tom Harris' excellent post Heaven Knows We're Miserable Now. Don't think a call for optimism and glass-half-full-ism would really do for an excellent minister.

But interesting that 24/7 media should make Tom the first Minister in history to be sacked over blogging genius.


Anonymous said...

When I look at Gordon's re-shuffle a rather cliched old phrase comes to mind...

Anonymous said...

Mind you he did give sympathy to Cairns when he resigned and called for the PM to go. So I suppose it is common sense this would have happened.

Anonymous said...

I do feel sorry for him but it is unrealistic to give your support for someone who called for you boss to be fired.

Ted Foan said...

"...blogging genius..."? Tom Harris?

I only started reading him because Iain Dale said he was good. What does he know? He reads your blog, after all!

Oh, and Harris has not published at least four of my comments. At least you don't bother to censor!