Friday, October 03, 2008

Dave Hennigan Throws Toys: Censors Local Media

Have achieved the remarkable feat of getting so far up Dave Hennigan's bulbous nose that he used one of his "ring a friend" favours and got a perfectly reasonable comment from me removed from the community forum at Rochdale Online. The comment listed the party affiliations under which Sir Smith had been an elected member. Dave came out with this, and I replied thus:

Where exactly do Rochdale Lib Dems stand these days on free speech? Is this really the tradition of proper Liberals Cobden, Bright and (cough, cough) "Liberal" Smith? Hugely entertaining stuff. Here I go again (also deleted):

Thanks to Rochdale Online for efforts to Keep Hennigan Happy!

Among his public threats being that he would stop contributing to the forums if my comment was allowed to stand. he said I had nothing to do with Rochdale. In fact I am spending the weekend interviewing 30 or so Rochdaleians on behalf of serious world media! Cyril will need to get going with a ring round to stop them all spilling the beans.

I wonder if anyone has any screen grabs? Oh, yes, what's this? Just in case. Will come in handy. Now added - 22:16.


Anonymous said...

Poor old Dave he's the star of a new version of Sixth Sense.Politically dead but unaware of it yet.
Look up Dave,there's vultures circling.And all your pleas to call them off won't help.They're going to pick you clean.

Chris Paul said...

Like that quicklime Cyril sprinkles on his cornflakes? Safe as houses I tell you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Paul, i am seriously concerned over your obsession with this Hennigan fellow.
It reminds me of a soap opera storylines where 2 characters start off by constantly arguing only to fall madly in love a few episodes later.
i await an invite to you and Mr Hennigans Civil partnership ceremony

Anonymous said...

Dave Hennigan has absolutely no influence over Rochdale Online, but why let the facts get in the way of rant?

I understand your comments were removed by the site moderators on the grounds they were potentially defamatory and could have landed the site owners with a libel claim on the grounds of vicarious liability.

Abdulsrevenge said...

Hennigan the coward was crying like a baby for Chris's comments to be removed and Chris to be banned from ROL.Nothing was said by site moderators about why 3 posts fom Chris,1 from mardarse Hennigan and 1 from the neutral but decent Irishman-who basically said good when soft boy Hennigan threatened to leave the board. If you are giving the real reason why the posts were removed then you have inside knowledge or indeed you are a Moderator-if you are why keep allowing Hennigan to throw out his bile but others not to be able answer himback.

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:18 is talking with forked tongue.
News from Fib Dem HQ leaks out like piss from a 25 stone OAP's nappy.

Dave was jumping up and down when Chris Paul commented on Rochdale Online. The phone and email was red hot.

Veiled threats- a lib dem boycott of news and forum commenting?
Plus his moonlight DJ work?

If Dave wants to keep this quiet and keep a lid on this and his temper then he shouldn't shout so loud when he makes his rabid threats about what he is going to do. Walls have ears you know.

As for Anon's 'undestanding' on defamation, it appears he has been paying too much attention to message bored and Cyril apologist, the bearded JohnB. Threats of libel are the last refuge of a knob. And what is this talk of 'vicarious' liability? Is Dave an employee of Rochdale Online or is there some special relationship?
I doubt it.

Give it a few weeks and the whole Cyril Smith libel fear bollocks could be blown right out of the water. The buzz about that dirty old bastard is reaching fever pitch. It is time that that bullying, manipulative twat got his comeuppance

Come Halloween, the name Cyril Smith will be used the scare the crap out of teenagers round campfires.

Chris Paul said...

It would have to be myself that was employed by Rochdale Online for this to be true, not Dave Highagain:

I understand your comments were removed by the site moderators on the grounds they were potentially defamatory and could have landed the site owners with a libel claim on the grounds of vicarious liability.

"Potentially defamatory" - bollocks. They were not. Can you explain how in a month of sundays accurately listing Cyril's allegiances to different parties and none during his career would be potentially actionable let alone potentially defamatory?

As for "vicarious liability"? You're dreaming anon/Dave's puppet. The only person in this business who might be "vicariously liable" for anyone's remarks is Paul Rowen MP who allows Dave Hennigan to carry on his vile vendettas and personal attacks while being paid by Paul Rowen MP on the monies received by Paul exclusively for use on parliamentary, non-Party Political matters using his parliamentary allowances.

Hennigan being one of the one-and-a-half previously employed by the local party via funds coming either from the LD Group or the Friends of Fund (treasurer C Smith) who were identified in their calendar year 2005 accounts as having now been taken over by Paul, and as being political workers!!

Rochdale Online is a very fine local institution. I wish that Withington had a similar outlet. Filling in the spaces left by the treacherous Rochdale Observer and Rochdale Express in the local media landscape.

However it is clear from his published comment that Dave Hennigan threw his toys immediately I made my useful comment. Just on the principle of someone who doesn't live in Rochdale - albeit having connections and work there - should take part in his circus.

Sheer fear. Sheer malice. Unable to deal with argument? Censor it like a good liberal should.

That he threatened to withdraw his own hilarious output.

That he most likely made even more ludicrous slanders on myself to the editor/owner given what he published.

That he may well have threatened to withdraw Lib Dem propaganda from the (Tory-owned) website and community forums.

In my second deleted comment I asked Rochdale Online to archive any and all emails from Hennigan on this and also recommeneded that for their own protection they begin to tape his calls. As others do.

The only person making defamatory comments in the exchange was of course Dave Hennigan. For whom Paul Rowen, the Lib Dem Party locally and federally, and the tax payer are responsible.

Vicarious liability on Paul Rowen MP. He needs to wake up to that.

The owner of Rochdale Online is a musician and promoter and music business entrepreneur with a PA and backline hire and DJ service. At his gigs DJ Hennigan is often the drunken commander of the wheels of steel. Sometimes bringing his libellous tongue up to the microphone to introduce politics.

I am utterly amazed that Paul Rowen MP, a weak but serious person, would contune to employ Dave Hennigan. Not only has Dave been casting his net around for other jobs e.g. at City Hall in London, and in the staff of Ming Campbell but he is also a not-so-vicarious liability.

Long may he stay in post. As I've said before I'll staff the barricades and offer union membership if Dave is threatened with removal. We desperately need to keep him there.