Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Electoral Practicalities: Top Tory Digital Tsar Tizzy

Shit! Goddamn! County Council and Euro elections will be combined on one day! What a fix! Iain Dale at least thinks so. But he's wrong. In 1999, was it?, we were exhausted fighting a local government election and scarcely bothered with the Euro election a month later. We being party activists, voters, media, everyone.

In 2004 we had council and Euro elections on the same day. This - and a happy and fairly non-violent monstering of Jean Marie Le Pen and Nick Griffin in Altrincham - almost certainly saved the North West from having Griffin, convicted criminal holocaust denier, leader of tatty bad boys, as jackbooted MEP.

Thank goodness. What would be Iain's argument against this measure? Unlikely to assist Labour in any way whatsoever. Precedented in 2004 after a 1999 democratic defecit with tiny turnouts for Europe. And obviously then some kind of bulwark against the BNP by increasing turnout.

This was of course my favoured date back in June 2007 for the General Election, mainly to combine the poised national contest - likely to leverage a large turnout - with battering the BNP. Please explain your dissent from this combined date Iain.


Anonymous said...

Iain Dale is right wing no wonder he would support the BNP getting more votes.

Chris Paul said...

I'm sure Iain doesn't support the BNP in anyway anon. He's just not very good at joined up thinking. And at one point was saying we should ignore them and they'd go away.