Sunday, October 05, 2008

European Commission: Iain Dale Non Sequitor

Iain Dale is a desperate man. Now that Boris has set the precedent of sacking Police Officer for Party Political motives, possibly to bring in some Robocop from the USA if he gets his way, Iain is looking for a riposte, but not finding one.

He suggests that the possibility of Cameron sacking Commissioner Ashton or Commissioner Hoon or whoever in 2010 - when by the way he isn't going to get the chance and will very likely retire from serious politics, because Brown has replaced Mandelson.

Ridiculous Iain. This is not a precedent. Baroness Ashton is a splendid appointment to be going on with, and likely for a further term. Hoon will surely get Neil Kinnock's place in due course.

Labour put up with that vile creep Leon Brittain for ages did we not? And besides, the polls will tell the tale over the next 12 months as Tory EU Toxicity comes home to roost in June, and as the people clearly see through the vacuous anecdotes to the lack of "New Tory" substance.

Thatcher getting the biggest cheers for both Hague and Cameron tells us all we need to know.


Mr Eugenides said...
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Mr Eugenides said...

Sorry, typo in previous one.

Tory EU Toxicity comes home to roost in June

You think Labour are going to poll better than the Tories at the European elections, Chris?


Anonymous said...

Iain Dale is a right wing idiot. If the tories take any of his advice they will lose.

Chris Paul said...

Mr Eugenides! Welcome. It is by no means certain who will poll what in the Euro elections or who will get most seats.

My point is that the Tory sleaze train in Europe ought to get some attention at the time of those elections, particularly if any of the dramatis personae of the expenses scandals is still standing.

I certainly don't expect a wipe out for Labour. In the NW we have 3-3-2-1 I think. Which would become 3-3-1-1 on the same votes with one less seat. The eighth seat ought to be between UKIP-LD-Lab who were 8-9-10 last time.

But nationally the Tories will need to look out for UKIP if they are not promising a refernedum, and they won't. Or LD if they do.

Overall I think the media have decided they don't like the prospect of a year and a half shooing Cam in and also that he may not win. So it's all to play for.