Thursday, October 02, 2008

Leech-Watch: Libby Nick Clegg Gets Bird From Students

In today's South Manchester Reporter poor old John Leech MP is chuntering and grizzling about Gordon Brown's slamming of the Lib Dem record of broken promises on a recent visit. He is asking for answers.

Well, he should have been at the University Union today where furious students gave the wriggly worms party the bird over their U-Turn on Top Up Fees. They said they'd get rid. Now, once John Leech and others in University towns have been elected with this policy as a major factor, they've reneged on their commitment.

Whether we agree with these fees or not there is nothing like a naked U-Turn from politicians to anger the public.

Libby Leader Nick Clegg is reaping a whirlwind of fury with students speaking out and saying categorically that they'll never trust a Lib Dem ever again.

Leech now lists his 2005 Campaign Priorities in this order:

1. Post Office Closures, even though Lib Dem policy involves privatisation;
2. Health Cuts, even though Withington got a new Communtiy Hospital and even though his Christie Campaign was a pack of lies;
3. Police Numbers, even though Manchester saw increasing numbers through Labour not Lib Dem campaigning and action;
4. Metrolink Lines, even now he has been sitting painfully on the fence on Transport Innovations and grizzling around the edges;
5. Top Up Fees, where his party has done a most uneducated and unedifying U-Turn.

Leech does not mention the war. Perhaps this is because he is finally ashamed at the way he misrepresented Keith Bradley's "NO" votes which matched those of many Lib Dems. Perhaps this is because Leech knows that whatever position he takes now there is no evidence of actual participation in anti-war activity, in writing letters or speaking out in 2002, 2003, 2004, or 2005 before his election.

Even though there were well-attended weekly protests in the ward in which he lives, and at times in the constituency which he represents.

UPDATE 00:26: Obviously Leech was with Clogg at the Biko Building today. And the fury amongst the student body was indeed intense on both their asses.

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