Monday, October 06, 2008

The Monday Cyril: Obbie Saturday Letters are 50:50

Norman Smith - whose drivel foots the page - is Cyril's nasty brother. Some struggle there with keeping level headed and reasonable in the way the lead letter manages. Making only 20% getting sick and dying into some sort of triumph for the Lib Dem Party and Squirrel Smith seems particularly perverse.

Even by Storming Norman's perverse standards. Brother Squirrel WOULD NOT win an election in Rochdale these days. The people are 70% of the way to waking up fully to his nastiness.

COINCIDENCE: By pure fluke the Rochdale Observer Saturday letters page continue to run 50:50 for and against asbestos death. The last two mid week pages - with perhaps a quarter of the readership - have been 10-1 against Sir Squirrel Smithkins.

LOOKING FORWARD: What will emerge from the TBA/T&N paper trail next? These former partners in grime with Squirrel and Norm have been extremely careless with the Brothers' Grimm's legacy.


tory boys never grow up said...

Ah Norman the nasty but not too clever brother - and boy does he demonstrate this in his latest missive.

Only 20% of those working there were affected (and they were all smokers and knew about the danger per Big Brother) - so that's ok then

Nobody nearby was affected - just complete rubbish and all those people on SSV campaign are wasting their time.

And Cyril couldn't have closed down the plant - probably not - but he could not have made speeches on behalf of TBA, been rather cosy with their directors, held shares in the company (the minimum holding in order to speak at the AGM was one share - and did Cyril ever do so to show the TBA Directors the error of their ways??), he could pushed the industry for better compensation of his victims, he could have worked to improve health and safety legislation.

And oh of course any opponents of Big Brother are just Labour leftists - well it just ain't true even if it were of relevance (by most standards I would be seen as belonging to the social democratic wing of the Party). So in the LibDem World of the Smiths/Hennegan people with legitimate views can be ignored because of their overall political stance and then throw in a little bit of censorship. John Bright is turning in his grave.

Abdulsrevenge said...

I thought it was so funny reading Norma's rantings-she was so funny going on about left wingers.I AM PROUD to be a labour left Socialist,but in all this what matters is SSV's campaign to stop anymore Asbestos death's from that site AND ALL those whose fault and those who collaborated with Turners are exposed as guilty of causing deaths that should not have happened.

Chris Paul said...

Hear hear! this is not essentially a party political matter, never mind a matter of intra party schisms. Just money grubbing, perversity and nobbishness from the Smiths and of coures from those that follow.

Which would be the tendancy within the Lib Dems that supports Cyril, the promotion of carcinogenic job opportunities and sex sleaze?

That would be the Hennigan-Rowen tendancy I suppose. Can't seem to manage to condemn the pair of olde fat bastardes can they?

Anonymous said...

Many feared Norman Smith intellectual accumen. Now he has turned his hand to statistics.
Truly a giant amongst men.

Anonymous said...

Norman Smith has suggested a figure of, say, 20% of the TBA workforce getting 'poorly'.

Here is another statistic for the dimwit. There are no fractions to play with in terminal cancer deaths. All of those with terminal asbestos cancer die. That's 100%.

Once the process starts with mesothelioma that is it.

Not just "lefties" get killed.

No wonder Rochdale is in so much of a mess when you look at the legacy that Boss Hog and Enis have left the town.

The real Dukes of Hazard.

Together (100%) they form a full wit.

So what does one of the Brothers Grim, with just 50%, make?

Anonymous said...

If the Smith pair have a hat a peice does that make them a pair of "two hats"?


(Say it fast) Groan.

Anonymous said...

Norman's (or rather Cyril's) clumsly political slurs have a pedigree. Years ago the Smiths scared the wits out of the chattering Rochdale classes with talk of left wing extremists and that horrible RAP etc.

One of the biggest mugs lapping the nonsense up was dear old Norman Thorton of Th'Ob.

Embarressing itch? Egg on face? Caught with trousers down? Dirty little secret? Don't worry, deny it is true then blame it all on revolutionary socialist propaganda.

What a pair of old tits.