Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rochdale Rowen: Complex Asbestos Denial Routine

MP for Rochdale meltdown Paul Rowen has been tying himself in knots when it comes to asbestos. Piss poor Paul, as he is known, is particularly getting it in the neck for pretending the stuff is safe in our public buildings, like schools, when it clearly is not.

Leigh Carlisle (27) became the youngest asbestos cancer death the very week the New Statesman explained about the Turner asbestos cover up, writing dodgy speeches for MPs who buttered them up and all. Have these dark forces got a hold over Rowen too? Leigh's lawyer - in Saturday's only letter on the subject - certainly thinks PPP is EDM'ing through his arse.


Anonymous said...

Paul Rowen MP: "Any MP worth their salt would do what Cyril did"

Lie, bully, pull favours, allow others to draft incorrect information to present parrot fashion to a trusting public, turn a blind eye, take cash from dubious sources for party funding and have a clear record of it, talk with forked tongue, shamelessly put their name to an issue that in reality they have no interest in apart from the votes its attracts, take the side of the profiteers but reckon to be a man of the people?

Salt was used as a salary in lieu of cash in Roman times.

Problem with salt is that it raises blood pressure and leaves a very bitter taste.

Cyril Smith has a tight hold over Paul Rowen. The Godfather will drag the apprentice down with him.

Anonymous said...

wasn't Rowan a school teacher? He honestly thinks that asbestos is no problem in schools? If he taught science he should no that 'absolute confidence' usually get bitten on the arse.

Shallow soundite merchant.

Absolute confidence?


Anonymous said...

Piss poor Paul, Dodgy Dave and Sir Cyril Spankalot.

No wonder Rochdale is buggered (not in the biblical sense).