Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sir Gerald Kaufman MP: Now Characterised "Hard Left"

Gerald Kaufman came up with some robust views in Foreign Office Questions, speaking of any attack by Israel on Iran:

"It would be an attack on one of the nastiest regimes in the world by another of the nastiest regimes in the world."

As you will see at the link David Miliband distanced himself from the remark. But the commentati at ConservativeHome distinguish themselves by calling Gerald "hard-left" which is not really a sustainable epithet for Curly.

And while Israel may be the only or the best democracy in the region this doesn't stop them being thuggish on the QT. Monday's documentary on Channel 4 about Thomas Hurndall, a former student in the Faculty of Art and Design at MMU where my organisation IDEA was based for some time, shows this blessed democracy in full flow.