Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Thursday Cyril: Drunkagain's Ramadan Hangover

Dave Hennigan chose the end of Ramadan yesterday to launch another extraordinary attack on a real life Mr Rochdale. With the object of making Sir Cyril Bare Arse Spanker look just a little bit better. By disrespecting a dead man.

Someone distinctly from a Muslim community, yet connected with everyone. Someone well-liked, well-loved in fact, across the political spectrum. Except that is by Sir Cyril Smith MBE. For some dark reason of his own devising.

Someone who used to work at Turner and Newall. In that Charnel House. Someone who spoke out with expert authority on their shenanigans. Someone with national recognition for their expertise and commitment to truth and justice. And someone who died in 2007. While in Pakistan working on community and township links for Rochdale.

Hennigan has issued what presumably passes for an apology in his warped and often intoxicated world.

UPDATE 00:17: I'm losing count. I think Hennigan is up to four "apologies" at Rochdale Online now. Certainly three of his weasely attempts at contrition. Sorry Dave. This is not "Bless me Father for I have sinned" this is the real deal. And it's not three Our Cyrils and a couple of Hail Jeannies. This is getting thumped in elections for a decade or three.

Full story tomorrow. All those apologies I hope, in full. When is the parliamentary by-election? Who will be the Lib Dem candidate?


Anonymous said...

Mr Hennighan is no fool. He knew precisely what he was doing with his cold callous and calculated comments on Rochdale Online. He was adopting a classic Cyril Smith tactic of bear bating.

Cyril Snith is in a corner and is trying to come out fighting the only way he knows- using others to mud sling, bully and insult in cheap political pot shots. He has fed young Mr Hennighan with some lame rants about a good man whi is dead so can't answer back.

Abdul Chowdry was a man who had the respect of so many in Rochdale's diverse communities. Quite an achievment. A brother in so many senses.

Abdul was a family man, a pious Muslim and a true son of Rochdale his cherished and adopted home. When he died there was genuine heartfelt grief especially in Rochdale, Blackburn and Sahiwal Pakistan.

Eid is a precious time for family to come together and remember those who are now in Heaven. It is a time of peace. A time of truce when enemies and adversaries welcome one another to break their fast to eat and be thankful to God.

For Mr Hennighan to publish cheap insults against the memory of a dead man is stupid. For him to do it on such a Holy day is beyond crass. The context, the time and the manner of his slurs and insults is a grave error of judgement. For him to hold an influential position with the MP in a town that has a significant Muslim population is beyond disrespectful. He took a silly but calculated risk in order to avert attention from Cyril Smith.

To many, Mr Hennighan has simply gone too far. Great damage has been done that may never be fully repaired.

May God forgive him.

Anonymous said...

Indeed anon. We would not want him to be damned. He just needs to confess more, with real contrition.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you on Rochdale online-certainly pisses of that bastard Hennigan.
How do I email you-Ihave some info for you

Abdulsrevenge said...

Now got a screen name.Good to see you upsetting that twa- Hennigan.Disgraceful attack on a true great man of Rochdale politics,AddulChowdry, from him,but makes lame apology after people have got on his back.Smith needs to be given a good spanking for his sucking up to big buisness and his actions with young teen boys.

Chris Paul said...

He promised to stop posting if I am allowed on there! Says I have no connection with Rochdale!! That's all he knows. Working up there all this weekend in fact. Interviewing 30 or more Rochdalians on behalf of a very serious media organisation.

Anyway: And it's on the masthead at the top of the blog too. Any and all stories welcome.

Anonymous said...

Hennigan will asks his "friends" in the police to set up roadblocks chris. He'll promise to leave the town forever if they let you in.

Chris Paul said...

Welcome abdul's revenge. Hennigan cannot even spell Chowdry, and I'm told that the police don't like to take his calls anymore, he's so completely and utterly toxic.

Abdulsrevenge said...

Looks like your posts Chris have been taken off ROL as has Drunkagains.Also post by Irishman who was basically looking forward to Hennigan keeping his promise not to post again if you were allowed to post on their. So soft bastard Hennigan cries and they give himwhat he wants.

Anonymous said...

Dave Hennigan's postings were done during the day. During his job paid for by tax payers?

He should be doing this at night. Off duty. Or "doing it for the Queen" as they say in the police force that won't take his calls anymore.

The poisonous dwarf will have lots of time to do this soon. The number of Councillors who won't even talk to him is rising.

Time for an audit, then clear out the trash.