Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Toff Behaving Badly: Like Something Out of Trollope

The Standard, close friends we know with the Cameron-Johnson tendancy, have spotted GOO behaving badly. Not declaring the humungous hospitality he and his family enjoyed from Tory donor and Hedge Fund Manager Nathaniel Rothschild on his Corfu estate, never mind all the Whisky and Cokes from new money Oleg.

And old money Nat, who knows how to behave, unlike wallpaper trade people, is rightly spitting feathers. How could Gid be telling tales out of school like this? Reminds me of Toffs and Johnny-come-latelies "cutting" one another on the Promenade at Lowestoft. A Major from Stafford writes aghast:

PHOTOGRAPH: Elated rake George Osborne, like something out of Trollope.

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