Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tuition and Top Up Fees: Lib Dems Lie to Students

Lib Dem shallow higher education mimicster Stephen Williams (above telling unequivocal lies in his 2005 election address) has been caught setting out his insulting-our-intelligence stall on Lib Dem Top Up Fees "Policy". You know, as seen in Leeds and Manchester and Bristol and so on in 2005 elections. This is what the lying chump said recently:

I am all in favour of simple to understand policy messages, but they must be rooted in the reality of contemporary circumstances, not those of five years previously.

Or three years previously even.

Finally, we did NOT promise free tuition for ALL students at the last election.

Oh really, is that right Stephen Williams?

Our promise was limited (and costed as such) to the full time undergraduates who paid up front fees. The message was clearly relevant and popular with them but meant NOTHING to full time students from poorer backgrounds who were exempt from fees (about a quarter of the total), or to part time undergraduates (about a fifth) or to the many adult learners following a non degree route.

Oh really, is that right Stephen Williams?

My objective is to get a policy in place that is socially just, matches real people’s needs and also keeps the Liberal Democrats as the party with the widest appeal to students and graduates.

Policy in place that anyone might think will endorse and support the Labour policy in this area? I should think so. Is that right Stephen Williams?

Having spent some years living in Stephen's Bristol West seat, and with my Gran (102) still living there, I'd like to see this charlatan chucked out by the electorate. And so would Bristol West Labour. We have a Facebook Group aiming to get rid of this shameless cheating stop-at-nothing charlatan. Seen here with his unequivocal message promising to scrap tuition fees and top up fees. His fingers must be crossed. Big lie.


Anonymous said...

"The Lib Dems would axe all tuition fees" he said. How does that square with his current revisionist statements?

Anonymous said...

Have you got the John Leech equivalent? or Paul Rowen?

Chris Paul said...

Oh yes.

Anonymous said...

How about a Paul Rowan compromise?

Free tuition fees for students going to asbestos ridden college buildings?

(Even though he says they are absolutely safe, after speaking to asbestos experts and party fundraisers Norman and Cyril Smith MBEs)

Does the power of the brown envelope strike again in Rottendale?

Anonymous said...

The elction poster had Charlie Kennedy on it. He was probably pissed at the time and won't remember it now.

Like many lib dems, they tell lies and would turn tricks for a wee dram and a vote.